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Eagles Wings Registration is closed

Covid-19 Regulations at Eagles Wings

1. No mask will be required or suggested for pre-k students.

2. In compliance with the current mandate, adult masks are required. Should the mandate expire, adults are strongly encouraged to continue wearing masks in public spaces.

3. Students should also wear masks. This is students 5 years old and up, in accordance with the current mandate.

4. Chairs will be assigned and properly spaced in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

5. Lunch tables will be assigned by family. Students must remain at their table with their parent until outdoor recreation time begins.

6. Masks are not required for outdoor recreation time as long as they keep socially distanced; students may store their masks on their lanyard clip to ensure a modicum of sanitation.

7. Please see the Board's attached resolution for further information.

8. Temperature check will be conducted on each person entering the building each week. No temperature over 100.4 will be allowed in, along with any family members that accompany that person.

9. Cleaning of each room will be done between each class session.

10. Hand sanitizers will be inside each class room and each person will need to use the hand sanitizer as they enter and leave the rooms.

At this time, we plan on meeting in person. If something changes with the state, city, county mandates, we will make changes accordingly. We will notify of any and all changes as we are made aware of them.

Registration will open December 2nd for Teachers
December 16th for Alumni
December 23rd for everyone

Registration Closes December 30th, 2020

Orientation is Thursday, January 28th Please register on the calendar
First Day of Class is Thursday, February 4th
Last Day of Class is Thursday, May 6th
There will be no class on Thursday, April 1st for Easter
Showcase will be on Tuesday, May 11th, please register on the calendar