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What you need to know before you register.


Please read this section in its entirety including the detailed links below.  If you are in agreement, proceed to registration.

  • Mission Statement 
  • Activity Expectations
  • Parent Participation Requirements
  • Publicity Notice
  • I have read and understand all the above documents.
  • I am homeschooling in compliance with Alabama Law.
  • I will check the website each weekend and one mid-week day for updates.
  • I will keep my family information current on the site.
  • I will accept full responsibility for my children's behavior and will go over the activity expectations with them prior to participation.
  • Understand and agree that LFHSC is not a legal entity with liability insurance and that all participation is voluntary and that I will rely on my own insurance or other means to cover any accidents which may require treatment for my children during any LFHSC activity.
  • Understand that the information contained on the private pages of the LFHSC are confidential and acknowledge that all rights to content, of all password protected private pages, are the exclusive  property of the LFHSC. I will not copy in whole nor in part, nor share, information from the site with non-members, without permission from the site administrator. Violation of this policy will result in website privileges being parked.



Our website is private and password-protected. Only members will see the private pages and all members agree to keep these pages confidential. Your information will not be sold, shared, or used, outside of the membership.



You will be prompted to make your donation through Paypal after you register. New member's fee is $10.00 for a one-year membership. The majority of the password fee goes to the web designer. Your membership application will be processed, approved and website access will be granted following a brief telephone conversation. Allow three (3) days for processing. You will receive e-mail confirmation that you may enter the site using your password when you registered. Your Teacher ID for discounts at local stores will be included as an attachment. 



Don't spread yourself too thin!  If you are committed to another homeschool support group in a leadership role ( e.g. officer, activities director, administrator, etc), then please consider whether you will be able to fulfill your commitment to LFHSC as outlined in MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES above.  If not, then wait until your term of service has expired before you apply for membership with LFHSC.