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Baldwin County Homeschool Network Honor Society ~ Est. 2011

Γ Ξ Gamma Xi Chapter, ΗΣΑ National Home School Honor Society

Gamma Xi Chapter, Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society, was chartered in September 2011.  It was founded by Melinda Youngblood and Desiree Blackwell, and is sponsored exclusively by the BEACH and LFHSC homeschool groups of Baldwin County, AL. 


The purpose of the Gamma Xi Chapter shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among home school students and to develop integrity in its members through: Leadership, Community Service, Scholarship, and Networking.  Each member is accepted for membership based on his/her academic merit, service and character.




President: Zachary Vincent
Vice-President: Maddie Ritterbusch
Secretary: Grayson Cash
Treasurer: Alissa Fink
Liaison: Bradley Conrad
Public Relations (Media): Sydney Patterson
Service Coordinator: Brooke Long
Chaplain: Ian Copeland
Webpage Development: Grayson Cash

Student                       Network/Church Group                 Grade

Grayson Cash                                                                                      12th
Bradley Conrad                                                                                   10th   
Ian Copeland                                                                                      
Alissa Fink                                                                                           12th
Elyse Hayes                                                                                         
Brooke Long                                                                                        
Peyton Osborn                                                                                    
Sydney Patterson                                                                               
Maddie Ritterbusch                                                                            12th
Payton Robinson                                                                                 11th
Nathan Vincent                                                                                   10th
Zachary Vincent                                                                                  12th
Amelia Rose Zimlich
Isabella Zimlich                                                                                        



President: Madison Cash

Vice-President: Alissa Fink
Secretary: Maddie Ritterbusch
Treasurer: Amelia Parkes
Public Relations: Hayden Cordova
Tech Support: Grayson Cash/Graham Beresford


Student                      Network Group                 Grade    

Graham Beresford       Bridge Christian Academy     12th
Hayden Cordova          BEACH                                       12th
Amelia Parkes              Our Lady of Guadalupe           12th
Liam Searcy                  ESPC                                           12th
Grayson Cash               Bridge Christian Academy      11th
Madison Cash              Bridge Christian Academy      11th
Zach Vincent                                                                      11th
Alissa Fink                                                                          11th    


Civic Service

Operation Christmas Child.............................36 hrs
Boxes for soldiers in Afghanistan...................48 hrs
Tutoring - Rotary Youth Club.........................98 hrs
Tutoring - ACT..............................................140 hrs
ACT PREP (New Workshop Development)...36 hrs
 ACT PREP           Workshop                 Practice Tests
 June 2016                 120 hrs                              64 hrs
Sept 2016                     48 hrs                              24 hrs
Nov 2016                      48 hrs                              36 hrs
Feb 2017                       48 hrs                              72 hrs
April 2017                    48 hrs                               16 hrs
July 2017                      96 hrs                              48 hrs
PSAT PREP           Workshop                 Practice Tests
Aug 2016                         8 hrs                               12 hrs
Bagging groceries for 3 Saturdays                    150 hrs



President- Grayson Cash
Vice President- Madison Cash
Secretary- Zach Vincent
Treasurer- Graham Beresford


Student                      Network Group                 Grade    

Graham Beresford       Bridge Christian Academy     11th
Grayson Cash               Bridge Christian Academy     10th
Madison Cash               Bridge Christian Academy     10th
Liam Searcy                  ESPC                                           11th
Zach Vincent                                                                     10th


Civic Service

Bridge Program/Summer Tutoring (Rotary Club, Fairhope)

Summer Sports Program (Rotary Club, Fairhope)

Video - "Reasons Why We Like Homeschooling"

Samaritan's Purse

ACT Prep Seminars



Student                      Network Group                 Grade    

Grayson Cash               Bridge Christian Academy       9th

Madison Cash               Bridge Christian Academy      9th


Civic Service

Tutoring (Rotary Club, Fairhope)

Working to produce a video on the advantages of homeschooling




President- Anna Sanford
Vice President- Emily Stokely


Student                      Network Group                 Grade    

Bailey Kennon              FACS                                         12th
Anna Sanford                FACS                                         12th
Emily Stokely                FACS                                         12th

Civic Service

Jesus Cares (Foley)

Day of service (CiCi's Pizza, Foley)

Mary's Shelter fundraiser (Elberta)

Back Country Trail landscaping project (Orange Beach)

Additional civic service performed by GXi members:

Handbell Choir, teaching assistant (Gulf Shores United Methodist Church)


Speed the Light fundraiser

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center volunteer

Art Center volunteer

Total volunteer hours: 135




PresidentForrest Edhegard

Vice President- Anna Sanford

Secretary- Katie Joyce 

TreasurerJacob Williams



Student                      Network Group                 Grade    

Forrest Edhegard           LFHSC                                   12th
Katie Joyce                      BEACH                                  12th
Anna Sanford                  BEACH                                  11th
Jacob Williams               LFHSC                                   12th


Civic Service

Habitat for Humanity (Daphne)

Jesus Cares (Foley)




President- Amy Sanford

Vice President- Anna Sanford

Secretary- Katie Joyce    

TreasurerJordy Searcy

Publicity ChairmanForrest Edhegard



Student                      Network Group                 Grade    

Amy Sanford**               BEACH                                   12th
Jacob Williams*             LFHSC                                    11th
Jordy Searcy**               LFHSC                                    12th
Matthew Engelman**   LFHSC & BEACH                 12th
Forrest Edhegard           LFHSC                                    11th
Katie Joyce                      BEACH                                    11th 
Anna Sanford                  BEACH                                   10th
*Spring/Summer 2012 new members



Business Meeting Schedule/Service Dates

Thursday, October 27th 2011

Monday, November 28th 2011

Monday, January 30th 2012

Monday, February 28th 2012

Monday, March 26th 2012

Monday, April 30th 2012 

May 28th 2012

June and July summer break

2012-2013 Membership meeting August TBA  


Civic Service

Hours served: 24 


Chain Reaction - Pensacola, FL 

Coastal Clean-up - National Program

Jesus Cares - Victory Life Church, Foley, AL 

Operation Christmas Child - National Program

Prodisee Pantry - Spanish Ft, AL



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