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Lake Forest / Eastern Shore History

The LFHSC is a very young club founded January 1st, 2007. It was evident, at the time, that it was very difficult to find other home-schoolers in our community as there weren't any Baldwin County home school websites. The editor of the Lake Forester blessed us with the opportunity to run a feature article each month for our club. This alone reaches 3,500 Lake Forest  residents and 1,500 businesses in the area. Additionally the Lake Forest neighborhood website gave us free website space.


By Memorial Day 2007 we had so many members that we needed a more sophisticated website. One that could handle the unique needs of home-schoolers, like calendars and class sign-up ability with paypal payment features for field trips and so forth. We found the perfect fit for all our needs with this WI web architect.  

In September of 2007 we launched the first Homeschool-life website in the greater gulf coast area. I have referred them to over 45 Alabama, Mississippi, & Florida home school clubs, associations and coverings. This summer several  of these groups have launched their HSL websites and I have enjoyed helping some of them get up and running in time for Labor Day! If you wish to share our website program with the homeschool group you just left, please be sure to use the "referred" link above. This will benefit our non-profit group with some funds. Please shoot me an email too LFHSC@mchsi.com  


Our membership of 100+ families is made up of both seasoned locals and lots of newcomers to the eastern shores area. Our activities and support information is on our welcome page.  I hope you enjoy our public pages and decide to join us.


Happy homeschooling! 


Melinda Youngblood