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Teen Guidelines


LFHSC Teen Scene

Who: *All Homeschooled Teens in the LFHSC.

How do I get details about the activities? The website or the Private Teen Group FB pages. Be sure to check out the LFHSC Events Calendar regularly so you’ll know what to sign-up for, (ALL Teen Scene events are in GREEN). Chat with other members about events on the private FB group page. Don’t wait to register or you might miss out! 

How do I sign up for Activities?  Sign-Ups are handled on the calendar on-line at www.LFHSC.org 

Can anyone come to events?  Activities are for LFHSC Members-Only unless it is a “(Bring-A-Friend)” event, which is determined by the event hostess! You will be allowed to invite (1) non-member, homeschooled teen friend to that event. They will only be allowed to be a guest once a year, hopefully they will decide to join us. You must sign them up with your family on the website as your guest, at least 48 hours before the event. 

*First time Guests ? The family who invites them will be responsible for the guest. It would be prudent to have them read our basic club activities guidelines, to avoid any embarassment. 

Can my overnight out of town relative be a guest? Yes, if they are within the age group of that activity, approved by the hostess, and signed up to attend with your family.

Even if my relative goes to public school? Yes

What if an Event is FULL?  Some events will have a WAIT LIST, so be sure to get on it! If more space opens, we’ll start calling down that LIST in the order that you registered, so don’t wait to register!

Can I suggest an event ? Absolutely! Just contact us to let us know the details!  

Can I host an event ? Absolutely! Just ask your parents and have them contact us to set it up!