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Salma Zarook To All Instructors

Salma is a writer, teacher and an avid believer that storytelling is at the heart of learning. Salma loves framing her classes through a story lens so you'll often find acting and improv in her classes as her lessons weave into a larger narrative. She is a lover of travel, completing her BA in Creative Writing in Australia where she was born and discovering the wonder of homeschooling in California before moving to Seattle. Salma is currently pursuing a Masters in Teaching while working with Johns Hopkins University to implement a children's gifted education program and conducts her own creative workshops for children. 

Current Classes Instructed by Salma Zarook
Mindful Musings (open)
Mystery Room (open)
Story Explorers (open)
The Great American Roadtrip (open)
The Great American Roadtrip - 2nd semester (open)
Mystery Room - 2nd Semester (open)
Young Novelists - 2nd Semester (open)