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Ed Morin To All Instructors

From when I was about 8 years old, I have loved everything to do with electricity and electronics.  I had the privilege of taking Electronics Shop classes every year since 7th grade eventually becoming a teacher’s assistant in high school.  My interest in electronics also led me into Amateur Radio, which I have enjoyed since earning my first FCC license while in middle school and eventually achieving the highest, “Extra” class license.  Professionally, I have worked in the high-tech industry at all levels from hands-on field engineer to management and executive officer positions.

Over the years, I became involved in children’s’ education through volunteering at my sons’ schools and teaching Boy Scouts Merit Badge classes for Radio and Electronics which I continue to enjoy doing.  I discovered homeschool co-ops in 2015 and their desire for more STEM classes.  I designed the curriculum for Turning On to Electronics from scratch and, in 2017, started teaching approximately 90 homeschool students at five different co-ops.  It has been many years since I could honestly say “I love my work” and I am so thankful for the opportunities to teach that I have had.

I have been married for over 28 years and my wife and I have lived in the Redmond area for over 20 years.  We have two sons (20 and 12) and, more recently, a “rescue” dog named Lily.

Current Classes Instructed by Ed Morin
Getting Attracted to Electricity (open)
Turning on to Electronics (open)
Getting Attracted to Electricity - 2nd Semester (open)
Turning on to Electronics - 2nd Semester (open)