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Sarah Weeldreyer To All Instructors

Sarah is a homeschooling mom and lover of the outdoors who has been a yoga student for more than 20 years, and a yoga teacher for 3. After experiencing the healing effects of a regular yoga practice, Sarah felt called to bring this practice to others. Her training includes a wide variety of asana (movement) styles, breathing practices, and meditation modalities to make it easier to vary her teaching for her students' needs. She believes that yoga is for every body, and that bringing yoga to where the people are makes it more accessible and available to a broader variety of humans. You will find her teaching and practicing in the forest, church basements, or anywhere there's enough space to stretch out and breathe. Sarah's favorite yoga style to practice is restorative, with yoga nidra meditation. 

Current Classes Instructed by Sarah Weeldreyer
Yoga for Every Body (open)
Yoga for Every Body - 2nd Semester (open)