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Karen Findlay To All Instructors

Hi there! I'm Karen. I've been teaching English Language Arts in public and private schools for 13 years--and it's so much fun, I just can't stop! I graduated in 2008 with a BA from Brigham Young University, where I majored in English Teaching. In addition to teaching grades 3-12, I've created standards-based writing curricula for grades K-8 for two private schools. I'm fascinated by what it takes to help students think critically about their own writing and revise it to make improvements, which is why I emphasize the Six Traits of Writing. Over the years I've also continued professional development studies leading me to best practices in classroom management, active learning, argument writing, creative writing, and reading strategies.

I love music, dance, and theater. I minored in Modern Dance and taught children's creative dance classes in my home for five years.

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