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Policies for Classes

Class Tuition

Each course has its own class fee, payable to EHPTSA. Prices are listed for Fall 2020's 14-week-long semester enrichment program. Tuition will be billed on the 20th of the month prior (September's bill is sent in August, and so on). Each class may or may not have a materials fee in addition to tuition. Materials fees will be due on July 20th or upon registration if after that time. Read each class description for details.


The EHPTSA Registration Fee is due before enrollment. Payment installments are due on the first of the month.


Should you choose to withdraw from a class, notice must be given by the 20th of each month, or you will be responsible for payment on the 1st. Payments electronically transferred or post marked after the 5th of each month will be charged a $20 late fee. Students will be removed from class on the 5th if payment has not been made. They may attend again once the tuition has been paid, plus a $20 late fee.



Trial Classes 

This fall, while classes are held online, we will not offer trial classes.  


Refund Policy

Eastside Homeschool PTSA’s membership and program fee are non-refundable. Before joining Eastside Homeschool PTSA, look at the available classes and review and agree to all policies to ensure that Eastside Homeschool PTSA is a good fit for your family.



Dropping a Class

Your class enrollment will be maintained throughout the school year unless you notify us otherwise. All drop notices need to be received by the 20th of each month or you will be responsible for payment on the 1st. Email [email protected] to drop a class. 



Leave of Absence

If you're going on a vacation and you want to ensure that you keep your spot in the class upon your return, tuition will need to be paid for through the absense. No refunds are available for students who take a leave of absence. If there is still room in the class upon your return, you may rejoin the class.


Leaving EHPTSA


To withdraw from EHPTSA altogether, please fill out a withdrawal form (A link to this form is coming soon. In the meantime, email [email protected]). Eastside Homeschool PTSA’s program and tuition fees are non-refundable.