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Beginning Chess



Beginning Chess – Fall Semester 2020


Grade/Age: 1st–5th
Sep 14, 2020 – Dec 14, 2020—Mon
Period: 10:00 AM - 10:55 AM, 

Instructor: Brad Stensland

All About Chess is excited to offer chess classes at Eastside Homeschool this year. We can take students of any level and tailor our classes to the students. We transitioned very quickly to online and have adjusted our classes to get the most out the online experience. We make a private Zoom call for each class so other people don’t accidently join our class. The instructor then shares their screen. We typically begin with working on some group appropriate puzzles where we can practice what we have been learning in class. We then do a lesson on a particular topic. It is really important, especially online, to make sure students are following along and able to interact so we try to make sure everyone is engaged and understanding the material. If we have extra time at the end of class we sometimes do puzzles practicing the lesson we did in class that week. We also look at games students have submitted to be analyzed or partner up to play against each other on chesskid.com. With the class we offer a membership to chesskid.com, which offers a lot of cool features like puzzles, weekly tournaments and also gives our students a great place to practice against other All About Chess students. Critical thinking is a continual theme of the class and thinking about our actions before we make them to help us make good choices in our chess games and in life.  Sportsmanship is stressed throughout.

Class Fee: $210.00