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This class will meet once a week for two hours. This class will teach you the many components necessary to put on a show. Students will participate in all aspects of the performance; acting, set design, costumes, props and more. We will spend the year rehearsing a play chosen by both the teacher/director and the class. We will learn audition and acting techniques, rehearsal skills, character development and performance skills. The class will also be responsible for costumes, props, sets, programs, etc. Focus, commitment, ensemble, and willingness to participate in all aspects of our performance are necessary! The class will present the play for an invited audience in the spring. Ages 10 and up, younger students will be considered upon Instructor approval. Parent assistance is most welcome and needed! Assistance with the costumes and sets will be needed. Scripts are $10/per.

The first semester will be focused on reading scripts as a class. We will choose the play that we would like   to perform. Extensive work will be done on character study and development, each student will write a character biography, we will work on character voice and movement. We will work on theater skills such as vocal work, diction, projection, ensemble work, and more.

The second semester will focus on rehearsal, preparing for the production in the spring. This also includes costumes and props.

*Students must participate in both semesters.

Grade/Age: 4th–12th
Sep 14, 2020 – Dec 18, 2020—Fri
Period: 10:00 PM - 11:50 PM,
Instructor: Anne Zanatta Kline