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Fairies and Fairy Tales from Around the World

Fairy traditions can be found in almost every culture, from the mischievous Irish Pixies, to the Scandinavian Light Elves. Hawaii has the fun-loving Menehune and China has house fairies that will clean your house – remember to leave a gift of cinnamon, cherries or peaches to thank them! We will learn about these and many other fairy traditions through stories, tales, crafts, and more!

We will also explore Fairy Tales, including Adelita, Yeh-Shen and Cenerentola, these are all Cinderella tales!!

Outside reading and writing projects and simple research is required for this class. There will be class presentations, all geared to the comfort and interest of the student. Willingness to participate in all class discussions and activities is a must!

Grade/Age: 2nd–6th
Sep 14, 2020 – Dec 18, 2020—Mon
Period: 11:00 AM - 11:55 AM,
Instructor: Anne Zanatta Kline