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Turning on to Electronics

Did you know that nearly all of the benefits of modern electronics that we enjoy today were only discovered or invented in the last 100 years?  This exciting class is a sequel to Getting Attracted to Electricity and Magnetism. Students will learn about modern semiconductor electronics through many hands-on projects using real electronics components with the popular electronics breadboard system (no soldering is required).  Projects are designed to teach the basic concepts of semiconductors including diodes, LEDs, transistors, integrated circuits, digital logic, and other standard electronic components. Classes utilize a flexible, self-paced, lab-style approach where students can save an unfinished project for the next class or opt to continue working on it outside of class.  At the end of the school year, one class session will include optional hands-on soldering instruction.

Link to notes about this class and remote learning

Grade/Age: 7th–12th
Sep 14, 2020 – Dec 18, 2020—Mon
Period: 12:45 PM - 01:40 PM,
Instructor: Ed Morin