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What are the dates for Fire Canyon Academy Fall 2024?


Classes are held on Monday only

Spring Semester 

August 19th through November 18th

  • No Classes on:
  • Sept 2nd Labor Day




What is the time and location for Fire Canyon Academy?


Fire Canyon will meet Mondays, and offer classes from 8:45 AM- 2:30 PM. We are meeting at the University of Utah Graduate Center


What is the age limit to join?


Fire Canyon Academy is for ages 12 and up.  A student/scholar must be 12 by the first day of classes.

All Electives and LEMI Scholar classes are available for all youth in FCA.   

Please click on the classes to see a description regarding placement and age guidelines. We want your youth to be where they will best succeed. 

If you have questions regarding placement please contact:

Principal Mentor- Monica Isaacson

Elective Mentor- Erika Hodges

Chairman- Randi Gardner

We know that each youth has individual strengths and age should not be a restriction. If a youth wants to participate in a class, we will meet with the youth and parents, possibly mentors, to discuss the options and make sure the youth can handle the workload of the classes. 


Is there a required amount of classes my youth must register for?


No. We recommend that youth only sign up for those classes they want to attend. We are an "a la carte" co-op, and hope you can register for those classes that will inspire your youth, and fit your familes needs.

We do ask that if your youth are not attending a class you pick them up, or make arrangements for them. We can not have unattended youth in the building, or around the building grounds. 


Do parents need to stay with their youth?


No, Fire Canyon Academy is a teen drop off homeschool co-op. 

Parents are welcome to stay at the building during class time, or attend classes with mentor approval. Parents are welcome to drop in any time, we just ask for you to refrain from interupting the class. 

We do ask that each family volunteer a minumum of 20 hours of service per semester. There's multiple areas for volunteer help, and we are willing to work with you to help your volunteer hours fit into your schedule and family needs. 


What is a "Pre-Scholar" class?


A "Pre-Scholar" class is a class that is geared towards younger youth that are around the ages 11-13. These kids may be ready for a Pre-Scholar class if they are becoming interested in more than what is offered in your every day to day home-school routine. They may or may not have the desire to read or write, and may need the challenge to read or write something that is not suggested by the parent. They need a more hands on approach to learning, can focus for 7-10 minutes at the most, and are often driven by external rewards.

If your child enrolls in a Pre-Scholar class, please understand that you as the parent will need to have an authoritative approach. High communication- go through the syllabus and assignments with your child and offer your support, check in regularly on how they are doing and how you can help. High expection- talk to your child about the expectation that they want to get out of the class and then step back and let them do it.


What does "Practice Scholar", "Apprentice Scholar" and "Self-Directed Scholar" mean?



I am so glad you asked!

A Practice Scholar is ready to “practice” scholar skills. They are beginning to spend real time studying independently, their attention span is increasing, and they are learning to be more responsible. Homework is by invitation and sometimes tied to an external reward. Mentors inspire and invite them to do hard things, then step back and allow them to make the choice. They are allowed the freedom to fail and learn from their experience.

Parents of "Practice Scholars" can take an authoritative approach with the class that their child has chosen to participate in. High communication of what the scholar wants to acheive in the class and high expections, helping to hold the child accountable for their choices on doing their assignments, will be a natural consequence. Offer support, and then allow the child to make the choice.

(Practice Scholar Projects may include Pyramid, Key of Liberty, Sword and Hero Project)

Apprentice Scholars are taking the next steps needed to move forward in their education. They are beginning to realize that they truly do have something unique to offer the world, and have a greater desire to find out what their path may be. They are more committed to their studies and have more self-initiative. They can more easily inspire themselves, and begin to lead out more among their peers and siblings. They begin to set goals with deadlines, make commitments to read, write and complete projects. Mentors invite them to submit to requirements, feedback and more personal coaching. They are exposed to greatness, positive peer pressure, internal rewards and higher expectations. They choose to BECOME.

Parents that have kids taking an Apprentice Scholar class can see that their child's peer life is increasing and has more influence. Offer communication and support to help your child in their endeavors. Communication between mentor and scholar will increase if they choose to submit to the requirements, feedback and coaching.

(Apprentice Scholar Classes include Quest 1&2, Expansion, Wealthy and Rad)

Self-Directed Scholars have experienced personal change from exposure to many classics, and are ready to act on what they have learned in the real world. They are ready to develop their own specific area of interest, create a detailed plan with a mentor and then pursue it. They are creating their own plans for their studies, and have solid self-discipline to follow through and answer to their own plans. They begin seeking a mentor outside the home, and are ready to make the full commitment needed for a full mentorial experience.They seek to pursue their unique path and make it happen.

Parents of Self-Directed Scholars should offer support in their endeavors and then "let the chips fall where they may". The Scholar is now ready to really get their feet wet and impact the world for good.

(Scholar Projects for Self Directed are Edison Project and Quest 3).



What is a Scholar Project?


A Scholar Project is not just one subject, but a deep dive of a subject that is an all encompassing system with leadership education included in the colloquia.

Many of the Scholar Projects we offer at FCA come from LEMI (Leadership Education Mentoring Institute). Scholar Projects encompass the following: VMASK

Vision- Gain a vision of what you want the youth to know feel and do. When a Scholar Project is created, you want to have the children see the vision of who they are and what each one can become. Empower homeschoolers to more clearly see their great potential and move through scholar phase.

Mission- Do you have a Mission? How can you make a difference...  in your family... in your homeschool group... in your community?Can you Inspire your students to ask the same questions?  We want students to begin to see what comes naturally and easy to them. Those special gifts are unique to each child and they can begin to use those natural gifts to help them fulfill their missions in their families, communities, churches and homeschool groups.

Abilities- Each Scholar Project will help students develop their abilities according to what their next step is on their own level. Each student is unique and has different gifts and challenges.  A Scholar Project will help a student with developing their abilities of understanding, reading, writing, discussion and comprehension of the subject of the Scholar Project. 

Skills- Help them learn to read and write persuasively, think scientifically, compute like a mathematician, and the list goes on... These youth can do hard things.  They are ready for their next right step on the path to becoming who they are meant to be.  Skills are increased by the work that is given. Every student has different skill levels, the student will be met at their level and then challenged to increase their skills according to the mentors' invitations for work completed. 

Knowledge- Our Scholar Projects help students understand human nature as well as a variety of bodies of knowledge.  Knowledge applied becomes wisdom and can lead to a meaningful life.  We encourage the students to seek truth and light and gain knowledge throughout their lives, feeding their minds and hearts.  A Scholar Project has a purpose that will  ultimately help a student to know who they are, where they stand, gain knowledge overall of the subject studied and empower the student to move forward in their life with the desire and understanding that learning is a lifestyle and that there is so much more to the cliche that “knowledge is power”. 




Why do Scholar Projects matter and why should the youth do them?


Excellent question. Scholar Projects matter because it helps youth and adults to really understand what “scholarship” or what “scholar phase” (according to TJED- phases of learning) means. The student gets the opportunity to create, voice, read, write, discuss and share in an environment that is conducive to learning and understanding with their peers. Scholar Projects are never going to be like a public school environment where all that is encouraged is repetition and regurgitation. When anyone does a Scholar Project, they walk away with a true educational experience. 

Scholar Projects matter because they have the ability to give the youth tools to lead out in their lives, in any situation they may face.

There are several parents at FCA that have experienced and witnessed the personal growth in academic interest and moral character their children have been able to acheive from participateing in a Scholar Project.

Fire Canyon wants to provide the opportunity to others in the community to gain experinece in leadership education with their peers. LEMI Scholar projects works with My Tech High and their Projects qualify for reimbursement through the My Tech High program.


Why do you call the students "Scholars"?


We call the students "Scholars" because they are entering a new phase in life that is changing their physical, emotional and social expression called INDEPENENCE. This is a biological thing and it is supposed to happen (even though there are some of us parents out there that aren't really sure what to do about it). With these changes, there comes a readiness to apply effort to something of greater interest, and/or a desire for achievement, to do something "hard". This is where a student can lead out and own their education.

Being a "Scholar" means to study, read, and discuss great works, discover and discuss truths that are universal and explore great ideas. It also means to cover any subject that sparks passion and excitement for learning for that particular individual.

At Fire Canyon Academy, we strive to create an atmosphere of passionate learning. All of our mentors love the subject of the class that they are offering. We know that with that love comes a great passion to share it with others. When interests are shared with passion, students are inspired to study harder, longer and gain a desire to really understand the subject. This is why we call our students "Scholars".


What is My Tech High?


My Tech High is an online charter school that has partnered with LEMI to help homeschooling families get some of their tax paying money back. Homeschooling families pay into the public school system through property taxes in the state of Utah, yet homeschooling families more than often pay for private curriculum that is expensive, private tutors and not to mention the copious amounts of books. Through My Tech High online charter school, you can register through the LEMI options and make simple reports to My Tech High each week. You may recieve up to $1400 per student per year of reimbursments. You can easily scan in your receipts for educational purchases and send them to the LEMI tech team and they will organize the numbers for you. If you have more questions on My Tech High, please text Rick Earl at (435)419-0060. He will be happy to walk you through the process.


Can my youth drop or switch a class, once registered?


We allow changes to registered class schedules up to 2 weeks into the semester. 

There will be a $15 dollar class change fee if classes are changed after the payment due date.  For those on a waitlist that have been accepted into a class there will not be a class change fee.  

If a registered family or scholar leaves the Academy within the designated two-week period, monies - less any expenses incurred - will be refunded.  After the two-week period, no refund will be given. 

If you need a refund after classes begin, you will need to go directly through the Mentor to receive the refund. 

Refunds will not be available after 2 weeks into class sessions.


How does the class waiting list work?


If a youth drops from the class, prior to 2 weeks into the semester, those on the waiting list are given the oppourtunity to take the class. 

This is based on the order the youth are placed on the waiting list.

You will recieve a refund of any money paid if you're on a waiting list, and do not get into the class by 2 weeks. 

No youth may be added to any classes after 2 weeks into the semester. 


What is FCA's policy on refunding and dropping classes?


If a registered family or Scholar drops a class in the Academy within the designated two-week period, monies – less any expenses incurred, will be refunded. After the two-week period, no refund will be given. Cancellations requested after the class begins will be refunded directly from the Mentor in charge of the class. Please be aware that some classes due to the nature of the content, activities and competitions will not be able to refund the class fee once they have registered for that class. If there is such a class with above activites involoved, it will be clearly stated in the class description so that parents and students can be fully aware before registering for that class.