Fine Arts

Music and Art Scope & Sequence

Surprise Scholé Academy utilizes a community-wide music & art sequence to provide consistency in music & art contemplation across all levels of learning. It is designed to enhance the learning and discussion opportunities for families during the week, and to reduce planning requirements for SSA Academic Mentors. The Fine Arts sequence is in keeping with classical methods and reflects the principle of multum non multa, "less is more", by exploring the work of a single artist and composer in each academic block with specifically curated artwork and compositions for each week of the Academic block.

  • Students and families encounter the music upon entering the building each week.
  • The art work is presented on the screens in the Sanctuary for contemplation and consideration.
  • All students engage in age-appropriate learning and conversation about both pieces during Humanties 
  • Students encounter both pieces in each class period throughout the day.

The Fine Arts sequence is designed as a springboard for families in fine arts study in the following week. This study can be as simple as listening to or viewing the piece again or deeper study about the composer or artist.

Academic Mentors are provided with electronic files of the weekly music and art compositions prior to the start of each academic block.

  Year One: Baroque + Modern Year Two: Classical + Modern YearThree: Romantic + Modern
Block One Johann Pachelbel

Franz Joseph Haydn
Frederic Chopin
Block Two

George Frideric Handel

Leonardo da Vinci

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Block Three Antonio Vivaldi

Ludwig van Beethoven

Johannes Brahms
Block Four

Johann Sebastian Bach


Franz Schubert

Johann Strauss II
Grandma Moses
Block Five

John Phillip Sousa

Jan Van Eyck

Scott Joplin

Thomas Cole

Gustav Holst