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All our classes are fully guided by one of our amazing teachers!
Every class is a combination of pre-recorded and Zoom community time.
The lessons are generally delivered by the teacher in a pre-recorded format.
Classes come together 1-4 times per week depending on age and need to have community.
In live zooms, students will play games, discuss the week's lessons, receive help from the teacher,
get to know their classmates, work on projects together and much more!

Parent Child Through High School Available

Full Academic Year Experience is 32 Weeks
This option is perfect for families that want a Waldorf inspired education at home. Seasons of Seven gives you access to a teacher for a full class experience. Early Childhood through High School. We have many options to meet your families needs such as individual blocks.

Four Fold Enrichment is Included

Four Fold Enrichment includes: Handwork, Music, Foreign Language, and Eurythmy
These may not be your super power and it would be a dream to have a teacher by your side. Seasons of Seven can connect you with an enrichment teacher to guide you through these classes. Four Fold Enrichment is included in the full experience and offered as a stand alone option.

Seasons of Seven™ is on a mission to redefine education by bringing Waldorf Education to your family wherever you are!

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