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As the owner of Waldorf Essentials, I am in a unique position to talk to both families and teachers. In April of 2020, I began receiving panicked emails from teachers all over the world that were faced with losing their jobs or trying to support their students as schools began shutting down. Parents were equally concerned and while I can help them homeschool, many were not at all interested in homeschooling. In talking with teacher friends, it was agreed that something needed to be done. But what? The very same week I had a chat with Melanie. She had been approached by several families that wanted a class teacher. We started putting our heads together and pulled in Nicole.
The three of us looked at what families needed. Some needed a full class teacher. Others only needed help with a class here and there. We knew that we wanted to bring together teachers and help them make a living wage while also having control over their own schedule, allowing them to tend to their families. We were well aware that All Day Zooms did NOT make happy families.
Our solution is a beautiful hybrid education that supports both teachers and families.

~Melisa Nielsen~

Meet Melisa & Erik

Founders & Owners

Melisa Nielsen:
Seasons of Seven Director
Pedagogy Assessor
Lead Coach

Erik Nielsen:
Director of Digital Media & Development

Melisa & Erik live in Arizona and are the parents of five homeschooled children. Three are grown and two are still at home. They have owned Waldorf Essentials since 2006 and have coached thousands of families on the homeschool path. Erik has a degree in film and journalism. Melisa has a background in coaching and midwifery.

Meet Melanie

Director of School Operations

Seasons of Seven Director of School Operations
Seasons of Seven Director of Admissions
Pedagogy Assessor

Melanie Lives in the beautiful seaside town of Neptune Beach, Florida. She is a trained teacher by trade, but has chosen to homeschool her son with the healing powers of Waldorf Inspired education. She is amazed by the deep, rich, satisfying bond it creates with her child. Melanie has a University degree in Education, and has been Coaching & mentoring homeschooling families for several years. Her dream is to bring Waldorf Inspired education into the hearts and homes of families around the world. Seasons of Seven and Waldorf Essentials have been able to help make this dream a reality!

Meet Nicole

Success Team

Seasons of Seven Success Team

Nicole is a wife and mother of three children. Nicole has experience in public school, Waldorf inspired charter and homeschool settings. Nicole has homeschooled and supported families along their Waldorf inspired journey's for many years. Nicole is very passionate about serving others, detail oriented and works hard to keep our team focused on reaching our goals.