Teacher Evaluations

Please fill out the form and return it to ACTS by Monday November 11th

ACTS Teacher Evaluation Form.pdf 

Canceling ACTS Classes: When inclement weather is forecast or schools close, check your email in the morning.  The Officers will listen to road condition and weather updates and will send an email at 8:00am.  If unpredicted or heavier than expected snow/sleet begins once ACTS has started, parents must continually check for early closing of City schools (1070AM radio-WINA and NBC29 www.nbc29.com.) If City schools post an early dismissal, return to ACTS at the end of the current class period to pick up your children. 

Do not rely upon ACTS to notify you – that many calls just aren’t feasible. 

DO NOT call the church staff, and avoid using the emergency phone to keep it open for true emergencies.
Delayed Opening: If ACTS decides to run on a delayed opening  we will run a schedule of shortened periods.