St. Louis Homeschool Network St. Louis Homeschool Network

Code of Conduct

Goal: Provide an environment where the member parents help shape their

children’s behavior to be inclusive, respectful, kind and safe. Parents should model this behavior.

Expectations: Members are expected to not engage in behavior that might
disrepute the group or could jeopardize the welfare of our children or adult
members. Such behavior will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of
the Steering Committee.
• All participants in SLHN activities are expected to abide by this Code of
• Member families are expected to be respectful of the beliefs, lifestyles, and
choices of other member families.
• Aggressive behavior, physical and verbal abuse, including yelling at others,
as well as offensive gestures, by members or member children will not be
• Parents are responsible for controlling their children’s behavior at all SLHN
• For the safety and protection of the children and the host family, SLHN
activities are not “drop off” activities, unless specifically stated by the host.
• Parents are expected to supervise their children at each activity, unless
previous arrangements have been made with another parent to be responsible
for the children. Please note that Co-op may have other specific rules for
• Adults and children are expected to be respectful of others’ property. It is
the responsibility of any member to fix or replace any property that they or
their children have damaged.
• When attending a SLHN event, the host family is not responsible for any
injuries. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide for their own
children’s safety.
• In regard to issues of safety or protection of property only, if a host family is
uncomfortable with the lack of supervision given by the parent or guardian
of a child or children, then the host family should privately address the
parent or guardian about their concerns. If the parent or guardian does not
satisfactorily resolve the issue, then the host family may ask the offending
family to immediately leave their home.
• Weapons are not to be brought to any SLHN function.
• SLHN expects those who choose to use alcohol and tobacco to do so legally,
responsibly and with consideration for others. If an event is held at a
residence, the host family must give permission beforehand.
Dispute: Should any dispute arise, issues should be resolved in an appropriate
time, place, and manner.
• We encourage children to try to work out differences with each other, along
with the guidance of the parents, before the issue is escalated. Our hope is
that the parents will help their children learn to be respectful to one another
and resolve their differences in a positive and constructive manner. Parents
should model this behavior.
• It is expected that if there is a problem with a child’s behavior, that problem
will be addressed privately with the parent of the child before any other
action is taken.
• If there is an issue between parents, they are expected to work through their
differences privately and respectfully. No gossiping.
• If a situation cannot be resolved between children or parents, then that
situation should be brought to the attention of the Steering Committee.
Consequences for noncompliance:
• Any excessive or vicious attack, verbal or physical, will result in immediate
ejection from the current activity.
• If any member or family fails to adhere to the Code of Conduct it should be
brought to the attention of the Steering Committee.
• Any issues of concern must be brought to the attention of two or more
Officers at the same time and must be documented by the Officers, or the
issues of concern may be submitted in writing to the Steering Committee
privately, never to the entire group.
• First time offences will be reviewed by the entire Steering Committee. If the
majority of the Officers agree that a violation has taken place, then the
offending member or family will be given a written warning to adhere to the
Code of Conduct signed upon joining or membership renewals, as well as
any disciplinary action necessary (i.e. repair damages, apologies made).
• All further offences will be reviewed by the entire Steering Committee, and
if the majority agrees, then repeated or serious infractions of these guidelines
may result in additional consequences as determined by the Steering
Committee. Consequences may include restricting or revoking membership
• All extenuating circumstances may be brought to the attention of the
Steering Committee in writing before voting takes place and they will be
taken into account when deciding.
• In extreme instances, the Steering Committee has the right to revoke
membership without warning.

SLHN Expected Etiquette

Remember that when you are out in public, you are not only representing yourself but also the SLHN and the homeschooling community in general. Please be on time, courteous and respect the rules of the venues that we visit.

Please model the behavior you wish to see from your children. Refrain from speaking over teachers, tour guides and other hosts. Keep phones, tablets and other gadgetry out of classrooms unless specifically requested by a teacher or using phones for photos on field trips. When using phones for class use, always keep ringers on silent or phones turned off until time for photos.

During field trips and tours, keep in mind that you are still responsible for your own children. Please help them if they require it and help avoid class disruptions when possible.

When signing up for classes, please be mindful about your child’s age. Do not sign up for classes with older or younger suggested age ranges unless you ask and receive approval from the parent/teacher hosting the class.

Be descriptive and clear about your class expectations when you submit a class. Fully read class descriptions to ensure that the class is truly something your child will enjoy. For example, if the class has homework and you know your child will not be willing to complete the homework, refrain from signing up for that class.

Withdraw from a class as early as possible if you feel like it’s not a good fit for your child to help provide a spot for a child on a wait list who may benefit from the class.

Always tell a parent/teacher if you are going to be absent or dropping a class, even if it’s a “casual” class like recess. Teachers plan around their class numbers and absences can create an impact.

Try to allow room in your class for children on your wait list whenever possible.

ES Code of Conduct

ES is our short term for the co-op classes that take place at a local facility during two Fridays per month, running September through December during the first semester and February through May through the second semester. We are not affiliated with the Ethical Society, but they are welcoming and happy to have our group using their space. They do request that we follow these guidelines:

All children must have a parent on duty, no matter their age. This may include you remaining in the building with your children or asking another parent to be your parent on duty (POD). ES is NOT a drop-off activity.

If there is a class in the same room after yours, please end a few minutes early so you can clean up, exit and the next class may start on time. Food is allowed but you need to be mindful to clean up after yourself and your children or ensure that they do so themselves. 

Do not allow children (of any age) to wander, run, play tag, hide and seek, etc. throughout the building. Kids who need to run around may do so outside with a parent or other designated supervising adult. Please be aware of where your children are at all times.

Please respect the other people and classes in the building by keeping your voices at a conversational level. Please help the children to adjust their levels when needed.

Please help with clean up throughout your time at ES and encourage your children and yourself to help with the end of day clean up so that we leave the facility better than when we arrived and maintain a positive relationship with the Ethical Society.

To see the full list of ES details, including location and room descriptions, please log into the website and visit the forum here. These details are only available to members of the SLHN.