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What is the Ethical Society Fridays or ES?

ES is our short term for the co-op classes that take place at a local facility during two Fridays per month, running September through December during the first semester and February through May through the second semester.

This is where we offer a dedicated 3-4 hours of classes in multiple classrooms in one location.

We are not affiliated with the Ethical Society, but they are welcoming and happy to have our group using their space.

Ethical Society Fall 2021 Dates

Ethical Soceity Friday Dates:

September 10 and 24

October 15 and 29

November 5 and 19

December 3 and 17

ES Code of Conduct

All children must have a parent on duty, no matter their age. This may include you remaining in the building with your children or asking another parent to be your parent on duty (POD). ES is NOT a drop-off activity.

If there is a class in the same room after yours, please end a few minutes early so you can clean up, exit and the next class may start on time. Food is allowed but you need to be mindful to clean up after yourself and your children or ensure that they do so themselves. 

Do not allow children (of any age) to wander, run, play tag, hide and seek, etc. throughout the building. Kids who need to run around may do so outside with a parent or other designated supervising adult. Please be aware of where your children are at all times.

Please respect the other people and classes in the building by keeping your voices at a conversational level. Please help the children to adjust their levels when needed.

Please help with clean up throughout your time at ES and encourage your children and yourself to help with the end of day clean up so that we leave the facility better than when we arrived and maintain a positive relationship with the Ethical Society.