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Welcome to the website of the Christian Home Educators in Lowndes County, Mississippi (CHELC). 

 We are a group of about 40 Christian homeschool families primarily from, but not limited to, Lowndes County.   If you would like to learn more about our group, check out our Faith and Purpose Statements, Bylaws, and Conduct Standards.  To request membership, click on "Membership Application" at the left of this page.  You will be guided through a two-step process.  Please make note of the Login and password that you establish.  You will need these to enter the website once your application has been approved.  At the end of the second questionnaire, you have the option of paying your $20 dues with Paypal.  If you close that box without paying, you will either have to complete application again to get to Paypal box or mail a check to pay your dues.

You  may also e-mail us at:


If you are already a member, just enter your login info.