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Graduation Registration

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The following is for families who have decided to participate in the annual BHS Graduation Ceremony.  Please read the information making note of the important dates/times and fill in the requested blanks completely.  If you still have questions, please get your questions answered before continuing.




Dear Graduate and Family,

We are delighted you are interested in participating in our annual graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. in the main theater of Bridgeway Community Church. We welcome homeschoolers of all races, religions and creeds to participate. Please note there will be Christian themes present throughout the program. The graduation ceremony will include a procession of the graduates, entertainment which may be a musical selection, dance and/or drama presentation and a commencement address.


RegistrationThis graduation packet includes important dates and information. Registration is online at: www.homeschool-life.com/md/bhs


Contact Information: bhs.graduation@yahoo.com


Early Registration Dates: January 1, 2019 – February 28, 2019

Regular Registration Dates: March 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019

Late Registration Dates: May 1, 2019 – May 10, 2019


RegaliaEvery graduate must have the cap and gown described in this packet, as well as a

Tassel in order to participate in the ceremony; this is included in the registration fee.


Seniors – Black Cap & Gown w/Red, Black & White Tassel

Elementary – Red Cap & Gown w/White Tassel

Middle – Red Cap & Gown w/Red & White Tassel

Kindergarten – White Cap & Gown w/Red Tassel


Dress Female graduates: Wear a dress or skirt with black closed toed dress shoes (No Flip Flops or sneakers). Heels should be no higher than 3”. Dresses should be just before the knee or longer. Male graduates: Wear a White dress shirt, any color or style tie (i.e. bow-tie, regular tie), black dress pants, black dress socks and, black dress shoes (No Jeans, Cargo pants or Sneakers).


Note: All high school graduates will be walking up and down stairs as well as across a stage. Please keep this limitation in mind when considering style of shoe, height of heels (no more than 3”), and hemlines. If your student is unable to walk up and down stairs, please let us know as we do have a ramp on the right side of the stage and, we can make adjustments. We want all students to have a wonderful graduation experience. If a graduate shows up on the day of graduation without the proper dress attire, we reserve the right to not have them participate in the graduation ceremony. Please communicate early if you have a question or a problem with obtaining the above required attire.


Communications Information about graduation will be emailed so, please check your email. If it is high priority, we will text/call you to alert you that we have sent you an email. Once you have registered, you will receive other telephone numbers to reach those on the graduation committee.


Parent Meeting/Graduate Gown Fitting/Pictures MANDATORY Parent meeting will be held on Monday, May 20, 2019 * 4pm-6pm at Bridgeway Community Church. Graduates will try on their gowns and, take pictures. Please, measure your graduate accurately, including height of shoes. If there is a need to exchange your graduate’s gown, there will be a $32 fee for rush shipping. All caps & gowns will be steamed & prepared for graduation & will remain in the committee’s care until graduation day.


Rehearsal Graduation rehearsal will be held on Monday, June 3, 2019 * 4pm – 6pm. This is our run thru of the ceremony and, it is MANDATORY. Please make arrangements early to make sure you are in attendance. If a graduate does not make rehearsal, we reserve the right to not have them participate in the graduation ceremony. This is only fair to all of the other graduates who pressed, prepared & who want their graduation to be the best it can be with everyone knowing where their placement will be, how & when to enter & exit stage & how & which spot the handshakes will take place. Thank you for your understanding.

After rehearsal, we will have a fun event at NEXUS – Bridgeway’s Youth Center (6pm-7:30pm) which is located in the building next to the church. NEXUS is equipped with a game room (shuffle board, ping pong & pool tables, etc.) and, indoor basketball. This is optional, but a fun way for everyone to get to know each other before graduation as a lot of the graduates do not know each other. Pizza, salad and, dessert for social are included in registration fee for the graduate. Pizza for family members is $1.25 per slice for cheese and $1.50 per slice for pepperoni. A sign-up sheet will be sent around at the Parent meeting. Another optional event, especially for those in middle and high school, is Laser Tag at ShadowLand, which is located next door. Once we have a parent volunteer to coordinate this event and/or the social, there will be an RSVP (with cost) sent for those who would like to participate. If you would like to volunteer to help with the social or, Laser Tag/games/activities, please let us know.


Report Time (Saturday, June 8th) Please make sure you are at the church on the day of by 2:00pm. Caps, gowns & tassels should be on & memory tables put together by 2:30pm.

All graduates should be ready for their group pictures by 2:30pm. If it is a nice day, group pictures will be taken on the steps outside. After group pictures, a final run-thru with lighting, microphone, music and, sound checks will be done. Your graduate MUST be here on time to make the above program schedule run smoothly. If your graduate is not here at the above time specified, then BHS Graduation Committee reserves the right to exclude them from the graduation ceremony. This does not bring us joy to do this, but it is important and only fair to the other graduates for everyone to be here on time so, please prepare and leave early enough to arrive on time.


The main doors to the church open for guests at 3:30pm. Only disabled and elderly guests will be admitted into the building early.


The theater doors open at 3:40pm for disabled and elderly guests.  The theater doors will open for all guests at 3:45pm.   Please do not save seats as it is unfair to those who have purposed to arrive early.


Personal Display TableThere will be a display table in the lobby for every graduate to bring in items for conversational purposes. These items can include past accomplishments, trophies, pictures, certificates, and anything representing who they are, current interest, and future goals. These tables are for conversational pieces only so, please do not stress about this detail. We will discuss this more at the parent meeting.


Picture Montage Senior Graduates: Please pull together 4 pictures from various stages throughout your life and send (individually) in the order in which you want them displayed. You can send them in the same email, just make sure they are individual pictures.


Kindergarten, Elementary & Middle graduates: Only 1 current picture is needed for the screens.


All pictures should be sent electronically through email to: bhs.graduation@yahoo.com.

Pictures must be submitted no later than Wednesday, May 15, 2018. Pictures must be received by this date or your child’s picture(s) may not be on the screens when their name is called. This will be very noticeable for your child so please get these in by the deadline date. Thank you.


Pictures/Video A video and pictures will be taken throughout the ceremony. Your participation in this event grants these pictures and video clips to be used by Bridgeway Home Schoolers, electronically or in print material, for promotional reasons. They are for the organization’s use. The event pictures will be made available to you online at no cost. A DVD of the ceremony is available for a cost of $15. In addition with the purchase of the DVD, you will also receive a link (via email) that you must download within 30 days of receipt, that gives you access to also view the ceremony online. This link you are free to send to family or friends. If you do not download this link within the 30 day time limit, please do not contact the graduation team as we will be unable to help you with retrieving this link. Once finished, you will receive the DVD in the mail after the ceremony. Please Note: Picture taking is allowed during the ceremony, but with no flash.


RefreshmentsComplimentary cake and punch will be served in the Missions’ Café. Please let us know the approximate number of guests that you have coming so we will have enough refreshments on hand.


CertificatesThere will be a certificate of participation in the graduation that will be given to each graduate. Seniors will receive their certificate in a Certificate/Diploma Cover. Kindergarten, Elementary and, Middle graduates will receive a “blank” certificate rolled with ribbon on stage, but their original certificate will be given to the parents on arrival.


FeesGraduation Fees are non-refundable and cover:

  • Use of 1100 seat theater with lighting, sound & video
  • Graduation reception in 600 sq. ft. area
  • Graduation parent meeting & rehearsal
  • Social for Graduate
  • Personal Display Table with Table Cloth to match graduate’s cap & gown
  • Programs, Decorations, Refreshments & misc. expenses
  • Videography
  • Photography Event pictures (link sent to you online to download)
  • Cap, Gown & Tassel
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Graduation Certificate Cover (Seniors only)
  • Rose for each graduate


Note: If you are a BHS member, contact Millicent Thomas for your discounted graduation fee.


Early Registration: January 1, 2019 – February 28, 2019

Note: If making a deposit, balance must be paid by February 28, 2018 in order to keep Early Registration pricing.



Early Registration Fee: $105


Elementary (5th Grade) / Middle (8th Grade):

Early Registration Fee: $130


High School Senior:

Early Registration Fee: $155


Regular Registration: March 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019

Note: If making a deposit, balance must be paid by April 30, 2018 in order to keep Regular Registration pricing.



Regular Registration Fee: $120


Elementary (5th Grade) / Middle (8th Grade):

Regular Registration Fee: $145


High School Senior:

Regular Registration Fee: $170


Late Registration: May 1, 2019 – May 15, 2019 (full payment due)



Late Registration Fee: $160


Elementary (5th Grade) / Middle (8th Grade):

Late Registration Fee: $185


High School Senior:

Late Registration Fee: $210


Payment OptionsPayments can be made:

  • Online
  • Check (made payable to: BCC with BHS in the memo section) – No Checks accepted for late Registration, please make your payment on line.


Mail to: Bridgeway Community Church, ATTN: BHS/Vicky Green, 9189 Red Branch Road, Columbia, MD 21045


50% minimum deposit required, with balance due by end of registration period. Example: If paying a deposit for Early Registration, the balance is due by February 28, 2018. If you pay your balance in March, you are now in Regular Registration and your balance will reflect Regular Registration pricing. Same goes for Regular Registration deposit balances that are paid during Late Registration. Your balance will then reflect Late Registration pricing. All balances MUST be paid by May 15, 2019.


Note: If you have a graduating senior and would like for them to have a formal graduation ceremony, but you are unable to pay the full amount, feel free to contact us to see if monies are available. If you are a family who has been blessed with more and you would like to help another family, please let us know. Thank you!



We are looking forward to our Annual Graduation and Commencement Ceremony that honors each graduate and their family. We want this day to be one you will long remember and cherish. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at bhs.graduation@yahoo.com.




BHS Graduation Committee




Senior, Middle & Elementary Cap & Gown Size Chart,







4'6'' - 4'8''





4'9'' - 4'11''





5’0” - 5’2”





5’3” - 5’5”





5’6” – 5’8”





5'9'' -5'11''





6'0'' -6'2''





6'3'' -6'5''




6’6” – 6’8”





6’9” – 6’11”






*If weight falls into a category that has an X, please contact us as there is an extra fee.


Kindergarten Cap & Gown Size Chart





3’6” – 3’8”


3’9” – 3’11”


4’0” – 4’2”


4’3” – 4’5”



1. *

Graduate's Full Name (First Middle Last - the way you would like it to appear on their certificate of participation):


Class of Graduation (required - select one):

Senior Middle
Elementary Kindergarten

Graduate's Sex (required - select one):

Male Female
4. *

Graduate's Height (an example what to tpye  "4 feet, 9 inches"):

5. *

Graduate's Weight in pounds (an example of what to type "95"):

6. *

Graduate's Cap and Gown Size (see charts above and fill in the 2 digit size, example "42"):


Parent/Guardian #1 Name (required - please complete):

Father Mother
8. *

First Name


Middle Name

10. *

Last Name


Parent/Guardian #2 Name:

Father Mother
12. *

First Name


Middle Name

14. *

Last Name

15. *

Please type your complete mailing address including all information shown, in the box below (example address shown):

Address (Line 1 - house number, street name)       example type  "1234 Main Street"

Address ( Line 2 - apartment or suite number)                                 "apt 4A"

City ____, State___   Zip Code ______                                                "Anytown, MD 29999"

County _________________                                                                 "Howard"


Contact Telephone Number:

Please provide a phone number where you can be reached by a committee member as your primary number.  Often times the few calls the graduation committee would make to you is typically a matter of importance.

Home Cell
17. *

Primary Contact Phone # (required - please type 10 digit phone number):


Alternative Contact Type:

Home Cell

Alternative Contact Phone #:

20. *

E-mail Address(es):

Please use an email address that you check regularly as all correspondence, including the event pictures link, will be sent to this email address.  An email address is required.

Email Address 1(required)


Email Address 2:


Best Secondary Method of Contact:

Please select the best secondary way for a graduation committee representative to reach you (required - select one):

Home Phone Call Cell Phone
Text Cell Phone Email Address 2
23. *

Please indicate the number of guests planning to attend (required):


Senior Graduates only please describe your Talents/Hobbies (optional):


Senior Talents/Hobbies continued:

26. *

Electronic Signature:

By typing my name and date in the appropriate box below, I acknowledge, affirm and agree that I have read and understand all of the above terms of this BHS Graduation Registration and that I accept and will comply by all that is written.  For the senior graduates that are 18 years or older, both the parent/guardian and the senior graduate must sign.


27. *

Parent/Guardian Date Completed (MM / DD / YYYY)


Senior (18 years or older)


Senior (18 years or older) Date Completed (MM / DD / YYYY) 

Please double check your entries.

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