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About Meadow Ridge Academy

Do you want your children to share your values?

Do you want your children to focus on academics like math, reading, writing, science, history, and foreign languages?

Do you want your children to be free from the social engineering of the public school system?

Have you heard of micro-schools or one-room school houses?

If so, then we are excited to share an introduction to Meadow Ridge Academy.

Meadow Ridge Academy offers three different options to help you get a custom-fit education for your children.  We have a blended learning option with where students join us four afternoons a week and do their math and language arts at home on-line; we have a full-time in-person private school where the students are with us full-time four and a half days each week, and ala carte classes for home-school students.

At Meadow Ridge Academy we teach a Judeo-Christian Classical education using the Principle Approach in a one-room school. The Powered by Prenda options for math and language arts are secular and are provided online.  We currently provide 5th through 8th grade in-person learning options.  9th through 12th grades can call to inquire about individualized learning plans. We are planning to expand grades and classrooms as fast as we can keep up with the growth. 

Check out our FAQ tab for more information.

Happy Thoughts

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Weekly Educational News & Thought

Microschools Are Multiplying
Kerry McDonald

This article explains why we microschool teachers do what we do.

Public Weekly Educational Thought
Hoover Institution about California's Math Standards Before Common Core
Williamson M. Evers, Ze’ev Wurman

Common Core Standards ruined California's top notch math standards.  The goal should be to have students starting Algebra I by 8th grade.  "Not every student was ready, but every student who was ready was given a chance to excel and forge ahead, with lasting benefits. And this gave them the opportunity to make it to pre-calculus and calculus in high school, which would prepare them for selective colleges and STEM," if that was their goal. 

It's good to keep that door open even if students initially want to go into the trades or the humanities as they are still developing their interests and may change course during college.  The Utah electricians union requires a math test.  The better prepared, the better the results.

Public Weekly Educational Thought
More Than Just the Basics: Educating Our Children for LIfe
Jeff Minick

Education needs to be self-driven to learn more than just what is taught.

Public Weekly Educational Thought
Math In America
Dr. Susan Berry

America needs to catch up In math.

Public Weekly Educational Thought
Books We Are Reading This Year – 8/13/2021
Annamarie Reed
  • Books To Read 2021-2022

Click the link to see the book list we will be reading from for the 2021/2022 school year.

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Classes Resume
January 3 - Monday
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February 7 - Monday
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March 28 - Monday
Last Day of School
May 13 - Friday


Home School Legal Defense Association
Utah Parents United
Great website for parents in Utah.
Aletheia Christian College
Developers of The One Room School Method of teaching in private schools.
Prenda Microschools
Check this out if you are interested in using Prenda online resources combined with Meadow Ridge Academy in person learning.
1776 Report
Direct link to the 1776 Report.
Utahns Against Common Core
Great resource to stay in-the-know in Utah about education.
Rainbow Resource
Education supplies for home and school.
Public School Exit
Parent resource.