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About Meadow Ridge Academy

Do you want your children to share your values?

Do you want your children to focus on academics like math, reading, writing, science, and history?

Do you want your children to be free from the social engineering of the public school system?

Have you heard of micro-schools, one-room school houses, or hybrid schools?

If so, then we are excited to share an introduction to Meadow Ridge Academy.

Meadow Ridge Academy offers three different options to help you get a custom-fit education for your children.  1. Our most popular option is a blended learning format where students join us in-person four mornings a week and then do their math and language arts at home on-line in the afternoons Monday through Friday;  2. We have a full-time in-person private school where the students are with us full-time four days each week with one day for optional student/teacher Zoom meetings;  3. Finally, we have ala carte classes for home-school students.

At Meadow Ridge Academy we teach in-person from a Judeo-Christian Classical education viewpoint using the Principle Approach in a one-room school. The blended learning options for math and language arts are provided online for the students to do from home.  We currently provide 5th through 8th grade in-person learning options.  9th through 12th grades can call to inquire about individualized learning options. We are planning to expand grades and classrooms as fast as we can keep up with the growth. 

Check out our FAQ tab for more information.  At the top of the website there is an "Apply" button you can click if you would like to arrange a meeting or phone call.

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Educational News -- Open Window to See Full List

Public Weekly Educational Thought
From Pandemic Playgroups to a Thriving Microschool: How One "Edupreneur" Met Rising Parent Demand fo
Kerry McDonald

What a great idea to meet the needs of families in her area!

Public Weekly Educational Thought
How Hybrid Schools Are Reshaping Education
Kerry McDonald

Hybrid schools, microschools, and one-room school houses are all forms of innovation in education.

Public Weekly Educational Thought
Microschools Are Multiplying
Kerry McDonald

This article explains why we microschool teachers do what we do.

Public Weekly Educational Thought
Banning Critical Race Theory Isn't Working
Admin at Republican Daily

The indoctrination ideas that parents are fighting against in public schools just gets "rebranded" and is still being taught to their students.

Public Weekly Educational Thought
‘Micro-Schools’ Grow in Popularity Amid Student Exodus From Public Schools
Allan Stein

Article from The Epoch Times about the growth of microschools.

Special Offers

Equine Assisted Learning Opportunity --    More Details Coming Soon!

Coming Fall 2022, students can choose to have the opportunity to go work with Equine Assisted Learning specialists each Friday.  At these EAL sessions, we will work on everything from how to handle a horse on the ground, mathematics (yes, math is especially fun with horses), how to care for horses, developing boundaries with technology use, equine health (biology is super engaging when we learn it with a horse in mind), literature about horses, how to ride a horse, and so much more.  We are in the process of developing a partnership and materials and will post updates here.

Annamarie Reed is a

Student Schedule for

The 2022-2023 blended-learning schedule will run from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm four days a week. 

The full-time school schedule will be 8:30 am to 2:30 pm four days a week.

Friday has an optional extended day where we go work with Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) specialists with horses.  Parents will pick up students at the horse facility at the end of the day.


Main Registration Closes for 2022-2023
June 30 - Thursday
Text Book Orders Due
June 30 - Thursday
Curriculum Placement Evaluations Begin
August 1 - Monday
First Day of School
August 15 - Monday
Fall Break - No Class This Week
September 26 - Monday
Thanksgiving Break - No Classes This Week
November 21 - Monday
School Starts Again
January 2 - Monday
Winter Break - No Classes This Week
February 6 - Monday
Spring Break - No Classes This Week
March 27 - Monday


Home School Legal Defense Association
Utah Parents United
Great website for parents in Utah.
Aletheia Christian College
Developers of The One Room School Method of teaching in private schools.
Public School Exit
Parent resource.
1776 Report
Direct link to the 1776 Report.
Utahns Against Common Core
Great resource to stay in-the-know in Utah about education.
Rainbow Resource
Education supplies for home and school.
1776 Commission
1776 Commission