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Public Weekly Educational Thought

In this section we share articles from the internet or our own thoughts from the field of education.

Microschools Are Multiplying – Posted 12/4/21
Kerry McDonald

This article explains why we microschool teachers do what we do.

Books We Are Reading This Year – Posted 8/13/21
Annamarie Reed
Books To Read 2021-2022

Click the link to see the book list we will be reading from for the 2021/2022 school year.

Make History Great Again – Posted 12/15/21
Dominic Sandbrook

History should be fun and interesting. 

Top American Scientists Voice ‘Alarm’ at Woke California Math Curriculum – Posted 12/6/21
Dr. Susan Berry
Critical Race Theory In Public Schools – Posted 12/8/21

The Epoch Times interviews Asra Nomani about Critical Race Theory in public schools.

Study: Historic Drop in U.S. Reading and Math Scores Since Common Core ‘Debacle’ – Posted 12/6/21
Dr. Susan Berry
Hoover Institution about California's Math Standards Before Common Core – Posted 11/30/21
Williamson M. Evers, Ze’ev Wurman

Common Core Standards ruined California's top notch math standards.  The goal should be to have students starting Algebra I by 8th grade.  "Not every student was ready, but every student who was ready was given a chance to excel and forge ahead, with lasting benefits. And this gave them the opportunity to make it to pre-calculus and calculus in high school, which would prepare them for selective colleges and STEM," if that was their goal. 

It's good to keep that door open even if students initially want to go into the trades or the humanities as they are still developing their interests and may change course during college.  The Utah electricians union requires a math test.  The better prepared, the better the results.

More Than Just the Basics: Educating Our Children for Life – Posted 11/10/21
Jeff Minick

Education needs to be self-driven to learn more than just what is taught.

Math In America – Posted 10/19/21
Dr. Susan Berry

America needs to catch up In math.

California's Equity Math Framework – Posted 8/3/21
Richard Bernstein

Does equity in teaching math really work?

Why Are Parental Rights So Important? – Posted 7/26/21
Cristina Cevallos

Steps you can take to protect your parental rights.

Editorial From The Epoch Times About History Education In America – Posted 7/19/21
Rikki Schlott

"As Education Fails, Patriotism Withers"

Dennis Prager Shares Why You Should Take Your Kids Out of Public School – Posted 7/15/21
Dennis Prager

How can we help America's youth get a better education?

CRT Public Hearing at State School Board – Posted 7/22/21
Natalie Cline

Details you need to know about CRT in Utah education systems.