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HOST Geography Fair

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January 27, 2022 – 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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HOST Geography Fair

Thursday, January 27th

6:00-8:00pm (set-up starts at 5:30pm)

Place:  TBD 


Students will research a country then prepare a tri-fold presentation board sharing the important aspects of their chosen country. Ideas (not requirements) for information to include are: 

Overview: Show the location of the country using maps and textual descriptions. List the country's physical characteristics including climate and landforms. Pictures or a 3d model are appropriate here. Show the country's flag and other national symbols. 

Population: Show the total population and also interesting facts like population of ethnic groups and changes over time in the population. This is a good place for charts and graphs. 

Culture: Explain cultural characteristics of the country such as language, food, religion, entertainment, clothing, games, etc. 

History: Tell when and how the country was formed. List significant events in the country's history. 

Economy: What kind of work is common? What are the main products produced? What products are exported? What products are imported? How do people live? Where do they live? What are the cities like? What are the rural areas like? How have geographical features affected the economy? 

Environment: How have people changed the place? What environmental problems is this country facing and what are they doing to fix the problems? 

Other: Find other interesting facts about the country. In what ways is this country unique? In what ways is it like other countries? 

A small sample of a favorite food is a good touch, but not required. If you have traditional clothing from your country, you may dress up or display them at your table. As an added bonus, try to learn a few words in the language of your chosen country. 

Students should be prepared to talk with the judges about what they learned. Practice your presentation. It should be more than just reading from your board, though you can reference it.

Students in grades 6-12 should include a short (2 pgs.) research paper. Be sure to include a works cited page in your paper. The works cited should be on a separate page and not counted as one of the report pages.

Students will be judged based on presentation of visual aids, presentation of information, neatness, creativity, and knowledge of their country. First, second, and third place winners will be chosen from three different age groups – kindergarten through second grade, third grade through fifth grade, and sixth grade and up. See a sample of the ballot is attached.

The Geography Fair is free for HOST members. Non-HOST homeschoolers may participate by paying a $5 non-member program fee.

Please register for the geography fair before January 24th

If you have any questions, please email Adele Lindsey at [email protected]



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