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Request Membership in H.O.P.E.

Fill out the form below and click the Continue button at the bottom.

By filling out the form below you will be submitting an application that will require approval of the HOPE Executive Committee. This is the first step in becoming a HOPE Member!

**Note for clarification: **Please regester with "Primary" as the Primary Homeschooling Parent and "Secondary" should be the Name and info for the spouse. If possible please fill both spaces. Thank you!**

Once your application is Approved, HOPE for Hidalgo County, Inc. will send you an approval email and invoice you the Yearly Membership Fee

Payment is not collected until your application has been approved. 

After your complete your family application, please allow 7 business days for processing, once your registration process is complete, all the resources and community of HOPE for Hidalgo will be available to you!!

Thank you for submitting your application! 



HOPE for Hidalgo County, Inc. requires Approval of family membership and payment of Yearly Fee before membership is finalized.

Thank you for Submitting your Family Application to H.O.P.E.

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