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You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out! Deuteronomy 28:6


To have access to the BWAT website, click on the top right corner of the screen and "request membership." Then fill in your family's info and click "submit". You should receive an approval email and then you will be able to log in to this same site as you would like to sign up for any cooking and/or baking classes.


A Little About Us:

Bakers With A Twist classes continue to be fun and exciting! The fact that we have been chosen to be in the position, as an instructor of life is a huge honor. I’m always amazed at how God knows our hearts and the direction He wants us to go in so therefore he goes before us to line things up for a purpose and that’s exactly what He’s done here.

You see, all my life I wanted to be a teacher, an educator and I’ve only pictured myself in the school house setting. Starting out in college right after high school, that was my focus, to be an elementary school teacher. As time went on my focus started changing and I didn’t complete college to receive the degree I always desired. After years of experience with kids in different working environments and family members. I learned a ton but also I started to lose my love for teaching.

So, to make it short, all of a sudden in 2019 I started to feel the desire again! And little did we know that my husband and myself, along with our 2 children would be moving away from my our hometown in Rayne, Louisiana to Texas & homeschooling, not just my own kids but teaching a “Home Ec.” class is what was in store.

I have always been thankful to be blessed in a kitchen filled with passion & love along side my parents, grandparents and many other Cajun folks. They have poured their hearts into instructing me on how to make science come to life by using recipes & techniques passed down from multiple generations. And that my friends, is what this Cajun girl wants to share with your family, of course along with some fun, new creations also. Being able to do so with my kids as they grow, along with their friends has been a humongous blessing to me! I’ve always desired so deeply to be able to just be a tiny piece of a positive influence in the lives of their friends who would come through our home. And that is truly the passion I have today as we gather in our cooking and baking classes with your chefs!!! I LOVE this experience & I might add, adventure!

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