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Statement of Faith

We are the Christian Homeschool Athletics of Saline County Inc. 

Our group is made of the whole body of Christ and contains many denominations.  This group will be focused on what unites the body, not what divides it.  We are completely united in that 

1. There is one God who is Himself uncreated, yet Creator of all things both visible and invisible. 

2. His Son is Jesus, born of a virgin, crucified, and risen from the dead, fully God and fully man, only Savior of mankind, sitting now at the Father's right hand.  

3. The Bible is the sole "God-breathed" record of God's dealing with man from the beginning, and contains also divine direction for all of man's needs as well as knowledge necessary to man for his eternal salvation. 

4. The first human institution created by God from the beginning of time was the family. We believe in the sanctity and preservation of the family in keeping with God’s Laws. 

We, the Christian Homeschool Athletics of Saline County Inc., have come together for the purpose  of Christ-centered community and encouragement to those who are committed to providing both religious and academic education to their children in the home environment.