Welcome Basketball Registration Open

Basketball Code of Conduct - Athlete

By joining a Warriors sports team, I agree to uphold the following program rules:

  • I will demonstrate the character quality of attentiveness by listening to the instructions of my coaches.
  • I will demonstrate the character quality of faithfulness by attending all practices and games.
  • I will demonstrate the character quality of orderliness by abiding by the dress codes.
    • Dress should always be modest and non-offensive, to include the following guidelines:
      • Maintain a clean-cut appearance during the season. 
      • No midriff, halter, or spaghetti tops. 
      • No spandex shorts may be worn as athletic shorts. Spandex shorts may be worn underneath other shorts.
      • No sagging.
      •  Shorts should be a modest length (fingertip rule).
      • No jewelry may be worn during practices or during games. 
      • Rubber soled shoes must be worn at all practices and games. 
  • I will participate in clean up, when it is my team’s assigned time to clean.
  • I understand that there is to be no shooting basketball at half-time or between games unless my coach tells my team to warm up for our game. I further understand that there will be no shooting basketball after the last home game. We need to clear the floor as quickly as possible for the team that is scheduled to clean the gym.
  • I will maintain a positive, teachable attitude no matter how much playing time I receive, how fair the officiating is or is not, and whether we win or lose.
  • I will maintain a positive presence on all platforms of social media as well as in texting groups. I understand that these forums are not the place to air frustrations about the program, my team, and/or my coaches.
  • I will demonstrate the character quality of self-control by not participating in the use of profane language, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  • I will keep my focus on team activities and avoid pairing off with a person of the opposite gender during all trips, practices, and games.
  • Covid Safety I will follow all the guidelines put forth by the Arkansas Department of Health concerning Covid Safety. I understand that these guidelines may change throughout the season, but I commit to follow them.