Welcome Basketball Registration Open

Basketball Code of Conduct - Parent

By letting my student join the Warriors Basketball team, I agree to uphold the following program rules:

  • I will support and help ensure that my athlete follows the Basketball Code of Conduct - Athlete.
  • I will maintain a positive presence on all platforms of social media as well as in texting groups. I understand that these forums are not the place to air frustrations about the program, my team, and/or my coaches.
  • I understand that the programs are volunteer-driven. In order for the program to be successful, each person must do their part. On the days that my child’s team has responsibility for set-up, gate, concessions, and/or clean-up, I will do my part and help share the work load.
  • We understand that, as in any group, there will be conflict. We have the following in place for conflict management:
    • When you desire to have a meeting with a coach concerning a conflict, you will need to schedule a meeting with the coach. This meeting will include two executive committee members as well.
    • The time to talk about conflict is not in the heat of the moment. Please do not approach the coach with frustrations following a game. Take time to pray about the situation, then set up a meeting as lined out above.
    • I further understand that dealing with conflict should not interrupt practice, but should be handled at a different, scheduled time.
  • I will demonstrate the character quality of self-control by not participating in the use of profane language, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs at any practice, game, tournament, or other team event.
  • Covid Safety I will follow all the guidelines put forth by the Arkansas Department of Health concerning Covid Safety. I understand that these guidelines may change throughout the season, but I commit to follow them.