Abbotsford Christian Homeschool Community


Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is registration?  When is it due?

The registration fee is $30.00 and it is due when you register.

What are the registration fees used for?

Registration fees are used for up keep of the website, insurance, event rentals, supplies, refreshments and equipment.


What is TLC?
We as parents have chosen to teach our kids to the best of our abilities, but, we all have different abilities, don't we? One parent might be amazing at teaching music or art, another may thrive at doing a novel study class, and another mom may be an expert at doing science experiments! TLC allows students to pick and choose classes that will help them in their school journey, or just for fun! It allows parents to showcase their skills and help each other out by teaching these skills to each others kids. It takes a village to raise kids, and we believe it also takes a village to teach them! TLC has been around for over 20 years, and has been a favorite part of the year for all of the families.
(this isn't in the original one but I think we need something that actually explains what it is).

How do the classes work?
TLC has three, 1 hour blocks, each week. Each student, after choosing their classes, during registration, will attend a different class for each of these blocks. As parents, we will teach one class, be a helper in another, and then get a free block for snacks/coffee/tea time with other parents.

I'm not good at teaching, this makes me nervous!
We have parents of all personalities and skills. This is what makes TLC so amazing. Think about something that is of interest to you, an age group that you'd feel comfortable with, and something that you could teach or learn with others. Here are some examples: Beginner worship dance (any age), baking, cooking, PE, book study, drama improv class, debate, writing, computer coding, knitting, art, science experiments, history, music; the ideas are endless! If you are extremely nervous or just had a baby, please speak to an organizer and we will make arrangements to accomodate you.

What are the benefits of being involved in such a large co-op like TLC?

TLC runs as a large, friendly, Christian environment and with approximately 50 families involved, can influence the opportunity for not only learning new things, but for friendship growth.

What does the $31 registration fee cover?
In order to sign up for TLC, each family pays a $31 registration fee to cover our rental costs of the facility. This is separate and additional from the ACHSA registration fee. We will also collect a signed waiver and contract of our conduct standards from all families participating.

Is there a fee for each individual class?
Some of the classes offered will not cost anything, however, if there is a fee for the class it is determined by the teacher and covers costs such as photocopying, disposable supplies or take home materials students keep. It is NOT designed for teachers to make a profit or build up personal stock of supplies for future classes. It is our goal to keep the cost down as low as possible for families. File your receipts so you can keep track of the expenses.

What else is expected if we sign up?

  • Read any emails sent out about TLC. The emails have important information, whether you have participated for years or are brand new!
  • Attendance at the dry run meeting is mandatory as this is where you will register and secure your families' spot. This meeting is in late fall and will be announced after our Fall Kickoff.
  • Commitment to all 7 weeks is necessary for the classes to flow smoothly. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to teach one of the classes due to sickness or an emergency.
  • Provide name tags for you and your kids to wear throughout the TLC weeks.
  • Bring backpacks with basic school supplies of pencils, eraser, scissors, glue and coloring tools as well as a peanut/nut-free snack and water bottle for each child. Please label all your belongings.
  • Arrive on time and take attendance of the students in your class. Moms & students are required to stay on the premises during TLC including the free block.
  • Sign up to bring snacks to share with other moms in the coffee room or pay a snack fee and our coffee coordinator will bring snacks for you.
  • Write a short and simple summary report of what was covered in your class. This is helpful information for a portfolio submission in regards to the subject/topic/PLOs (maximum 1 page, printed or emailed).
  • Fill out an evaluation form at the end of TLC and include your helpful suggestions.

What rules should I remind my kids?
Remind your kids not to run in the halls (walking only inside), no playing in the elevator, please clean up their snack garbage, enter and exit only where permitted, and to please respect the teachers when they are talking.

Snacks may be eaten as needed near the end or beginning of a class. Following block C, children will meet their parents in an allocated location, except for preschool and nursery children, who must be picked up by their moms.

For the first TLC session we meet 15 minutes earlier at 8:30am (remove in the sanctuary). The last TLC session includes an Open House for anyone to check out the way TLC runs. During this last session, the classes will be shorter so we can wrap up with presentations by various classes (adjusted class times are sent out closer to the date). Friends and family are welcome to attend the Open House and presentations! Our annual TLC picnic will take place at Mill Lake Park (Bevan entrance) following the presentations. Bring your own lunch, lawn chairs, and sports equipment.

How many students are in each class?
Class sizes vary depending on popularity. A class could contain between 5 and 20 students. Some classes are canceled due to lack of interest and others are split into two groups. Rooms are assigned based on the class sizes and needs.

What if my student doesn’t like his or her class?
Talk to the TLC Team and they will try to accommodate a better fit. *Please note: Changes can only be made before the second class*

What do I do if there is a conflict in my class?
There is a moderator on the TLC Team who is available if you need help resolving any issues. Please see them first to reach a solution.

What should I do if I am sick or need to miss a class I am scheduled to teach?
Attending all 7 weeks is mandatory and necessary for TLC to run smoothly. However, we understand that you may have a previously scheduled appointment that conflicts with TLC. Please tell the TLC Executive Team as soon as possible and discuss with your helper how she can facilitate the class in your absence. Please provide the lesson plan for your helper. The TLC Team will replace your helper, and if needed, replace your helping role during your absence. If it is a last minute emergency (lice, vomiting, fever, etc), contact your helper through the ACHSA Directory, and call or text the TLC Executive Team to make them aware of your absence. There will also be absentee forms available for you to fill out.

What happens if my child needs me?
Nursery, preschool and primary students should have your block A, B and C class location written on the back of their name tag. You can also write your cell number in case the TLC Team has troubles locating you.

What would happen in the case of an emergency situation or evacuation?
In the event of an emergency, teachers will bring their attendance list and students to the green belt behind the parking lot. Moms in their coffee block would assist with the preschool and nursery evacuation.

What are the rules about students using phones and iPods in class?
Students will be asked to keep electronics put away (or better yet, don't bring them!) unless the teacher for the class requires them. Parents should also refrain from texting & phoning during TLC except in the case of an emergency.

Will I be able to see the room for my class before the first week?
A dry run meeting is hosted in the fall. This is a great time for new families to meet the leaders, talk to helpers and have a tour of the facility.

What kind of supplies are available, if needed, for my class?
Talk to us in advance to co-ordinate tables, chairs, sink access, PE supplies, CD player or wifi. The facility we rent has a full industrial kitchen which may be used for a cooking class.