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The rate of households homeschooling their children doubled in 2020, according to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau. This represents true homeschooling rather than virtual learning through a public or private institution. As concerns rise about the state of public education, it’s clear that families are seeking alternative school arrangements.

Due to this new, changing school landscape, we have felt called to find concrete ways to support homeschooling families. Esther’s Place Homeschool Resource Center is a community that equips homeschool families to spiritually and intellectually shepherd their children for this life and the next. Parents are able to customize a strategic scholastic approach for each child’s unique needs and gifts. We understand that the decision to homeschool can be overwhelming. Parent’s hearts want to homeschool but they struggle with how to logistically make it work for their family. With the support of Esther’s Place YOU CAN DO IT. Join Esther's Place today to start getting the help your family needs to successfully home educate your children.