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Homeschooling in Wisconsin


Are You Homeschooling?

School choices in Wisconsin (from WHPA) As Wisconsinites we have choices on how to educate our children.  This flyer from WHPA clearly states the different options.

Is homeschooling right for my family?  (from WHPA) We encourage you to evaluate the decision to homeschool and what that will mean for your family.  


New to Homeschooling

New to homeschooling (from WHPA) How do you get started with your homeschool?  Check here for many answers to common questions as you start your homeschool journey.

When and how to file the DPI Form PI-1206 (from WHPA) All Wisconsin homeschoolers must file a PI-1206 Homeschool Report with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).  Here's information on how and when to do the filing.


Wisconsin Homeschool Law

Wisconsin Homeschool Law (from WHPA) Know the Wisconsin Homeschool Law and follow it.  The DPI Form PI-1206 includes a legal affirmation that the parent or guardian is in compliance with Wisconsin Homeschooling Law.

How the Wisconsin Homeschool Law compares to other states (from WHPA) We have a great homeschool law in Wisconsin.  Find out why!


Helpful Homeschool Websites  Visit these sites for more answers to your homeschool questions and additional guidance for your homeschool. 

Wisconsin Homeschooling Parents Association (WHPA)

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)


KMHE Position on Virtual Schooling

An informative article on Virtual Schooling in Wisconsin and why Virtual Schoolers cannot be members of KMHE.


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