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City Roots Homeschool Co-operative Rights and Responsibilities for Kids



  •  Learners have the right to a safe space with people using safe behavior. 

Developmentally Appropriate Offerings

  • There should be a variety of offerings that are accessible to most learners.

  • Learners should be allowed to select opportunities based on their own interests.  

  • Learners should be allowed the presence of an aide if necessary for equitable access to offerings

Expression of Needs 

  • Learner needs and concerns will be considered and addressed with the respect they deserve. 

  • Learners should feel free to express their needs to teachers, co-teachers, chaperones, student government representative, and governance committee members. 


  • Learners should be recognized as an independent person with valid needs and opinions. 

  • Learners should not be touched against their will by any adult or child.

  • Learners should not be compelled to make physical contact by any adult or child.  

  • Requests to cease or not make physical contact should be honored immediately.



Classroom Behavior 

  • Learners should listen to class and location specific rules and behavior standards.

  • Learners should ask questions if they do not understand the rules.

  • Learners should do their best to avoid breaking any rules.

Field Trip Behavior 

  • Learners represent City Roots Homeschool Cooperative and independent learners in general. As such, they should be respectful of the spaces and people that they encounter.  

  • Learners should listen carefully to location-specific rules and behavior standards and do their best to avoid breaking any rules.

Interpersonal Interactions 

  • Learners should treat other child and adult members with respect. 

  • Learners should respect the needs and wishes of their fellow learners.

  • Learners should act and behave in a way that does not infringe on the rights of other learners.

  • Learners should attempt to work through disagreements directly and peacefully, with the help of an adult if necessary. 


  • Learners should let an adult know if something isn’t working or if they feel something is unsafe.

Virtual Interactions

  • Learners should maintain the same level of responsibility in virtual interactions as they do in person. This includes but is not limited to the following: 

    • Do not bully, harass, intimidate other participants in online offerings. 

    • Do not share personal information without parental approval. 

    • Follow all safety and decorum guidelines outlined by instructor or facilitator.