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City Roots Homeschool Co-operative Rights and Responsibilities for Adults


·      Members have the right to

  • Access developmentally appropriate educational and social opportunities for the family

  • Support for individual homeschooling journeys 

  • Have their physical safety and boundaries respected by all members, children and adults

·      Teachers/Chaperones have the right to

  • Set behavior expectations for their classes and events 

  • Offer opportunities based on their own interests and expertise

  • Get advice and support for accommodating learner needs 



·       Members have the responsibility to

  • Follow all Policies and Procedures and adhere to the Rights and Responsibilities documents for both children and adults 

  • Respect the physical spaces in which classes and events take place

  • Attempt to address interpersonal conflict peacefully and directly

·       Teachers/Chaperones have the responsibility to 

  • Maintain a safe learning environment 

  • Consider all learner needs and adjust classroom materials and opportunities as needed and possible in conjunction with parent conversations

  • Respect students’ space and individual needs

  • Set and communicate clear behavioral boundaries in conjunction with parent conversations about reasonable expectations

  • Create class descriptions that are thorough and include information about contacting teachers, academic expectations, behavioral expectations, physical classroom environment, associated class fees, and deadline(s) for class fee payments with the intention of helping parents make informed choices about learner fit

  • Provide a point of contact to parents prior to enrollment for communication about class clarifications and accommodations