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This group requires families to be a part of the White County Home Educators (WCHE) in good standing to join. Yearly membership fees in WCHE help to fund this website.  Our year goes from Sept. 1 thru Aug. 31.  Besides filling out this web page, you need to send the WCHE application filled out and signed by both parents/guardians involved to the below address along with your membership fee.  See below for details.

If you would like to join, please do the following: 

1.  To become a member of WCHE, print out a copy of the WCHE application (see this option at left).  Fill out this form, sign it, and send it along with a check made out to WCHE for your membership fee of $25 to: 

 Patti Durbin, 4130 E. Walnut Ridge Road, Brookston, IN 47923

2.  Please make sure that you read the Statement of Faith and Member Responsibilities (see Statement of Faith link at left).  You will need to review ths for the WCHE application form.

3.  Please fill out the form below, then press the continue button at the bottom.

**You must complete steps 1, 2 and 3 to sign up for membership to this Website**

If you have any questions, please email us at WhiteCoHomeEd@gmail.com.

Thank you,

         WCHE Steering Committee

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