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What Members are Saying...

What Our Members are Saying. . .

"The Field Co-op filled an important niche for us this year. There are many places that you just can't go without a group, and what a great and curious group it is. We particularly enjoyed the field trips to the Clay Studio and The Wetlands Institute. The classes were also great and of a very high quality."

          — Francis (parent)

"You get new experiences and you also get to have lots of fun with other kids."

Seb (10)

"The outings have introduced me and my children to new places, new people, and new ideas.”

Renée (parent)

"Highlights: harpsichords, falcons, blowtorches, snowdrops, water systems."

Annabelle (16)

“Through The Field Co-op, we have enjoyed classes, field trips, and special events. We have visited placed and explored topics that wouldn't otherwise have crossed our path, and the best part is we get to do these activities with friends. For us, The Field Co-op has a beautiful balance of people, activities, and places — enough to be captivating without being overwhleming."

Jennifer (parent)

“I like being with the kids.”

— Jack (10)

“Our family has really enjoyed the variety of experiences, from intimate gatherings in small studio spaces to large museum exhibitions.”

— Jacey (parent)

“I like that we go on unusual field trips to really cool places.”

— Shep (11)

“I like to be outside and with people and go places and learn what new people have to share.”

— Cole (8)

“I like to be on field trips because I get to see Annabelle and I also like to go exploring.”

— Eli (4)