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Co-op FAQ

How does co-op work? 

We exist for the purpose building community and supporting each other along our homeschool journey. We have an in person co-op (THG Fridays) that meets for 8 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks in the spring. This is intentional so that co-op never replaces the home and family as the center of your homeschooling and never becomes a burden. We also have a virtual co-op. This is primarily a volunteer driven co-op. All classes are offered by volunteer parents who wish to give of their time to bless the homeschooling community. We currently have a 2 period co-op for the fall 2023. We hope at some point as we grow to expand to a 3 period co-op as more parents are led to teach. THG is a hybrid homeschooling community. While the majority of our familes are local to San Diego, we have member families who live across the United States. There are separate annual fees for participating in person and virtual classes. Please note due to the low cost of our fees which are for supplies only we do no pro-rate.

May students be dropped off for in-person co-op?

No. A parent or other designated adult family member must be on site physically in the building at all times during the time your student(s) are on campus. We can not assume responsibility for your children. 

What if I have a child who do not have a class during a period?

All students are expected to be in their assigned classroom or if their parent is teaching/volunteering during that period, they may either be sitting quietly occupied with a book or activity in the classroom their parent is in or they may play on the playground. Students must be supervised by parents while inside the building if not in an assigned classroom. Students may not wander around in the parking lot of the church.

What is the volunteer requirement?

This is a co-op which means everyone contributes to the co-op in order for it to exist and to flourish. Currently while we have a 2 period co-op, every family is expected to serve during one period. When we expand to 3 periods, every family will be asked to serve during two periods. Teaching a class either online or in-person fulfills your family's contribution. Most volunteer jobs are volunteering to assist in classes. The remainder are playground supervision. First period class volunteers need to arrive early to assist with setting up for the class and last period class volunteers need to help clean up and reset the rooms for Sunday services.

Can I drop/change a class?

Class fees are due by September 1st or earlier if noted for a particular class. No full refunds are available for dropped classes as the teachers have already purchased their supplies for the number of students registered in their classes. Class fees will be due for any new classes added to your schedule.

Are there a set of rules and guidelines for THG Fridays?

Our group exists and lives by the Greatest Commandments to love God and love people. While we could come up with a long list of do's and don'ts, we would rather not. We would rather ask you to be mindful of these two priorities. We desire to build together a community that works on to love all people, serve one another and is known for being kind and generous in word and deed. If we can aspire to teach and model that then all the rules of what students should and shouldn't do will fall within that. Now we know that we are all human and we will fail at this, we want to be also be a community that extends grace to one another as be strive to do better at living out daily what it means to love God and love people.