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The Homeschool Gathering: a Christian Homeschool Community

We are a Christian homeschooling community seeking to follow Jesus by being Good Neighbors. We seek to bring together like-minded families who are interested in gathering together to support each other’s unique homeschool calling and to build community by coming together in the messy middle of life. We believe that God has called us to be a community of families living out a vibrant faith that blesses our world through serving one another and our community.

Membership includes access to our website, service activities, field trips, social activities, classes, workshops, and group wide events, and forums. Please enter a birthdate for each student you register or you will have problems signing up for events, fieldtrips, and classes that have age or grade restrictions. If you are uncomfortable with this, chose a random date and the correct birth year and month for your family members.

Every family is invited to add to spirit and purpose of The Homeschool Gathering community through volunteering to contribute the life and community of THG. You may sign up here

The cost for new members to join is $10. Membership is renewed annually for the calendar year for returning members $20. If you would like to be an out of area or alum member the cost is $10. Membership is not prorated.

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$10 for new members of THG

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