What is CCH?

CCH is a volunteer led support organization for homeschooling families in Gainesville, Florida and the nearby areas. 
In contrast to many homeschool "co-ops," CCH does not offer a recurring set of classes from which to choose. Rather, members have various subgroups, activities, clubs, and events from which to choose when seeking academic and social support in their homeschooling journey.

When and where does CCH meet?

Since there are so many different opportunities within CCH, there are many different times and locations offered accordingly. Many events take place at local churches who generously allow us to use their facilities.

How do I join CCH?

If you're interested in applying to join CCH, simply click here: CCH Application. Once you've completed the application, our Prospective Member Liaison will be in touch with you soon to clarify the next steps.

Do I have to be a Christian to participate?

As a local support group, we offer fellowship, support, and encouragement to like minded, Bible believing families. We ask all families to thoroughly read and acknowledge agreement with our Statement of Faith

What are the expectations of member families?

We expect all member families to adhere to our Standards & Guidelines
Additionally, CCH is a grassroots organization with no paid staff. All leaders, teachers, and board members are volunteers. Parents and older students are welcomed to volunteer. 

How much does CCH cost?

The annual fee per family is $100. This covers administrative costs, large group events, and insurance.
Additionally, each subgroup, activity, and club may have an associated fee. These are typically nominal and cover supplies, prizes, rent, etc.

Are parents required to volunteer in order to participate?

While volunteering is not mandatory, without parent volunteers CCH would not exist. We encourage every member family to contribute as they are able.

Are younger siblings allowed?

Most often, yes. There are some subgroups whose express purpose is to create an age specific environment for social support. In those cases, younger siblings are asked not to attend.
At most events, siblings are welcomed to tag along, although organized childcare is not typically provided.

Can I drop my kids off at CCH?

No. CCH is not a place to drop off your kids, parents are expected to stay on the premises with their child(ren). Occasionally exceptions may be made to this rule.

How do I get started homeschooling in Florida?

If you are new to homeschooling, please take a look at HSLDA's comprehensive guide on how to comply with Florida's Homeschool Law.
HSLDA Compliance in FL

Still have questions?
Feel free to email: cchmembership@gmail.com