Public Subgroup Descriptions

General Membership 

Topic: CCH-Wide Activities, a la carte
Meeting Frequency: Approximately 2x/month
Ages: All Ages

This group is eligible to participate in any and all CCH-wide activities (such as Book Bowl, Spelling Bee, Literature Fair, Geography Bee, service projects, large-group field trips, meet-ups & park days, and mom’s nights out), as well as participate in any subgroup field trips that are extended to all CCH membership.  Members are welcome to coordinate field trips or other group activities. Members will receive periodic emails that are shared group wide. Fellowship needs are generally met elsewhere.

Field Trips

Topic: Varies for each field trip
Meeting frequency: appromixamtely 1x/month
Ages: Varies, but usually all ages

Field trips are a great opportunity to get outside the home and discover what Gainesville and the surrounding area has to offer your family in terms of education and fun! You will learn things you may never think to cover in your classroom and the kids will enjoy a direct, hands – on learning experience. We aim for one field trip a month and the day and time will vary. The majority of these trips will be free or low-cost. Signing up for this group means that you will receive communication about each trip with the option to participate or not. There is no obligation.

Fine Arts

Topic: All things art!
Meeting Frequency: 1x/month, 90minutes each meeting
Ages: 3rd-12th Grade

The goal of this subgroup is to encourage a love for all things art!! Whether we learn about an artist, art style, time period, art inspired by music or poetry or holiday themed art - students will have an opportunity to take what they learn about and create their own masterpieces while exploring different mediums. At the end of the year we will have a showcase and display a few pieces from each student's collection. Students will need to come prepared to listen, learn, and create!

Parent Responsibility
Parents will be required to sign up to be an extra set of hands and help students if needed (number of times will be determined by number of families).

Required Materials & Fees
A supply list will be sent out in August & December. On occasion parents may be asked to bring something extra that is not on the list (example - glue gun, recyclable materials). Most supplies should be easily  obtainable or something you may already have in your home.

Subgroup Fee (per student)
TBD - Fee will be determined by 1) facility usage fee & 2) supplies that will need to be purchased in bulk/housekeeping & copies. Families will receive a supply list at the beginning of the year & again in December for any "extra" items their student may need.

Meeting Dates
TBD with one meeting per month

End of the Year Showcase
Scheduled in the Spring, this will be open to any CCH members and will be an opportunity for students to share their art.

Younger Siblings
Childcare is not provided.

High School Social & Service

Topic: Social and Service Opportunities for High Schooler Students
Meeting Frequency: Approximately 2x/month
Ages: 9th-12th Grade

Middle School Hangout & Service

Topic: Social and Service opportunities for Middle School Students
Meeting Frequency: Approxmiately 2x/month
Ages: 6th-8th Grade

This subgroup will facilitate opportunities for 6th to 8th graders to get together and socialize through various activities. The goal is to help them form friendships with other kids in their age group. We will aim to meet once per month socially with additional service opportunies. Signing up for this group means that youwill receive email communication about each activity and/or service project with the option to participate or not. There is no obligation to participate in every event. There is no fee to join this group, however, there may be fees for activity participation. 


Topic: Science, History, Art, Music, Geography, Writing and Other Electives
Meeting Frequency: K-8: 2x/month; 9-11: 4x/month
Ages: K-11th



Science Subgroup is an academic, parent-taught co-op providing interactive learning
opportunities to support a variety of academic and elective courses.
Students in K-8th grade participate in two core courses during 1st and 2nd periods and may choose to participate in optional 3rd and 4th period courses. High school students may choose to participate in one
or more of the courses.


K-3rd grade students will learn about sea creatures using Apologia’s Exploring God’s Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day and great artists and composers in art and music class. An optional 3rd period early modern history class using Story of the World, Volume 3 is offered for 1st-3rd graders. Families complete readings for each science and optional history lesson prior to class. No outside reading is required for art and music.

4th-6th grade students will study the human body using Apologia’s Exploring God’s Creation with Anatomy and Physiology and early modern history using Story of the World, Volume 3. Optional 3rd period Writing classes and optional 4th period African geography classes are offered. Students complete readings and assignments for each science and history lesson prior to class. Students also have regular writing homework. Minimal additional work may be required for the geography class.

7th-8th grade students will continue their science study with Apologia’s General Science (7th grade) or Physical Science (8th grade) and explore U.S. History with Abeka’s America: Land I Love (combined 7th and 8th grades). Optional Writing and Logic classes using The Art of Argument and The Fallacy Detective are also offered. Students complete readings and assignments for all courses prior to each class meeting.

9th-11th grade students may choose to participate in English, history, and science classes. The English classes offered this year are English I: Introduction to Literary Analysis using Teaching the Classics and Windows to the World (9th grade) and English II: British Literature using The Elegant Essay and Excellence in Literature - British Literature (10th grade). These classes meet weekly for two hours  beginning in mid-August and end in early May. Summer reading is required for both English courses. For history, 9th-11th grade students will study the early renaissance using Susan Wise Bauer’s History of the Renaissance World and Student Guide. History classes meet twice a month on regularly scheduled co-op meeting days for two hours. Biology lab and chemistry lab classes may be offered. More details regarding the high school science labs will be available in early summer. High school students are expected to participate in class activities and complete assigned work prior to each meeting.

Younger Siblings

Childcare for younger, preschool-aged siblings is available. Childcare responsibilities are shared on rotation by all subgroup families. 

Parent Responsibilities

All parents share in the teaching responsibilities of classes, set-up and clean-up, help in childcare, and field trip planning. On average, families teach their assigned class four to nine times a year. Teaching assignments for new families will be made after placement in the subgroup. Parents should plan to attend the Subgroup Parent Meeting in August where all subgroup responsibilities will be reviewed. Because co-op meetings serve as a supplement and are not stand-alone courses, parents are also responsible for overseeing all coursework and ensuring that students are completing readings and assignments at home.
Parents of high school students rotate sitting in during extra meeting day classes to ensure classroom accountability.

Student Responsibilities
Students are expected to come prepared to co-op meetings ready to respectfully engage in class with readings and assignments completed as scheduled. 

Required Materials and Fees
A subgroup fee of $40-$50 per family/year is required (in addition to CCH dues) to cover subgroup costs including rent, cleaning supplies, and copies. Families are also required to purchase the necessary books and materials to complete readings and assignments. A full resource list will be available during the summer upon placement in the subgroup. There may be an additional minimal supply fee to cover supply costs for certain classes. 

Youth Chorus

Topic: Instruction and practice for performance in vocal choir
Meeting Frequency: Approximately 3x/month
Ages: Elementary Chorus: K-5; Secondary Chorus: 5th-12th (5th graders may choose)

Elementary Chorus begins at age 5 and goes through the 5th grade. We will focus on fun songs that are age appropriate and work on tone and pitch for beginners. Class will be 30 minutes in duration on Tuesdays.
Secondary Chorus begins at 6th grade (5th graders have the option to join). We will work on more advanced music focusing on singing, pitch, and diction. Class will be 45 minutes long on Tuesdays and will follow Elementary Chorus.

Meeting Schedule
We follow a schedule of 3 weeks of class followed by 1 week of break beginning in October and
culminating in a concert in April.

Younger Siblings

Childcare is not provided.

Parent Responsibility

Required Materials & Fees
3-Ring BLACK Binder &Page Protectors, concert attire