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Clubs & Events

Each year, CCH offers a variety of activities that are open to all members.  Members can sign up to participate in specific activities AFTER the August Kick Off Meeting. Some activities have a nominal fee to cover supplies. Activities may vary from year to year based on volunteer coordinator availability. See below for a general description of each activity.  For more specific information such as times & locations, book lists, and specific rules and guidelines, please visit the Members Area.



Grades: Mature 8th graders and up

Goal is to encourage students to learn to bake for enjoyment while using healthier ingredients.

Each meeting will include education on different ingredients and skills necessary for healthy baking. The students will utilize these ingredients to prepare a sample recipe in small groups as instructed. Students will need to come prepared to listen, learn, and create.

At the end of the year, students will utilize the skills they've learned to create their own baking masterpiece which they will showcase and share with the group.



Grades: 6-12

A twice monthly meetup to play strategy games with peers. Game types will include dice rolling, deck building, territory building, cooperative, card, and more. 

Each game meetup there will be a game of focus, giving students the opportunity to learn a new game. However, this will be a laid back environment where students can choose which game(s) they play from a library of games. Students are welcome to bring their favorite game(s) from home to play at the meetups.



Book Bowl is a reading program designed to encourage a love for reading in our students. Participants in Book Bowl are asked to read a selection of grade-appropriate literature in advance of the event; they are then placed on teams and quizzed (game-show style) on what they have read. (See format below.) Students may read their books themselves, or they may listen to their books (either read by parents or via audiobook) To reward the students for their diligence in reading, we present all participants with prize bags and winning teams with special prizes. 

  • Strike (10 points): Student is able to answer his/her question correctly without assistance. 

  • Spare (5 points): Student is able to answer his/her question correctly with assistance from the team. 

  • Gutter (0 points): Student is unable to answer his/her question correctly after assistance from the team. 

  • Bonus Questions: If there is a tie at the end of the game, an equal number of bonus questions will be asked to each team to determine a winner. 


Grades: Middle Schoolish

We will read through the book bowl list together. When the kids get together they can ask each other questions about the book and polish their memory in prep for book bowl. We will also have either a fun snack, game, or activity for them to have/complete. Children will be required to come prepared having read the book or chapters for that month with questions they think will be asked at book bowl that would challenge their teammates.



Gather with CCH families for a fun and relaxing weekend at one of Florida's gorgeous state parks.



Cheetah Cubs will focus on building community for the youngest in our CCH family through play with some learning. We hope parents will form friendships through which they can encourage each other and share information about homeschooling. 



What has caused the United States of America to become the world’s destination for freedom, opportunity, and prosperity and the world’s source for innovation, aid, and Christian resources? The answer: this country was founded on many biblical principles which were incorporated into the Declaration and the Constitution.

To help us preserve these blessings, this club will give you an overview of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the biblical ideas contained within these documents and the minds of the Founders.



Felicity (Fall)

Girls Ages 6-10(Max of 10)        $30 per semester

We will be discovering what life was like during the Colonial times through the eyes of Felicity Merriman- an adventurous, outdoor loving young girl growing up in bustling colonial Williamsburg. We will read her stories, learn about her family, explore life in a colony divided by Loyalists and Patriots, practice having high tea, and lots more!

Josefina (Spring)

Girls Ages 6-10(Max of 10)                 $30 per semester

Discover the wild and colorful Southwestern American Frontier of 1824! Celebrate life on Josefina’s rancho. Hear the mariachis, dance with friends, and taste the cinnamon sweetness of freshly baked biscochos! Plot your path, and follow the wagon trains on the Santa Fe Trail. Watch for outlaws!



A club that will be for the purpose of playing pick-up games of flag football. Games would be played at a park. This club is for fun!



CCH Field day is a one day activity for children K-8th grade consisting of events, games, and competitions that everyone can enjoy. We will split up into different teams with a range of ages on each team that will cycle through various events. Some of the events are 50 yard dash, potato sack race, tug-of-war, ball toss for length and accuracy, etc. All skill levels are welcome to participate. Field Day is part of the ongoing PE Club but anyone can sign up to join us for Field Day. If you are part of PE Club, there is no need to sign up for Field Day, you will automatically be included. 



The Geography Bee is designed to help your child gain an interest and knowledge of the world around us by studying maps and map features.

Participants will be provided a thorough study guide, available in the Members Area of the CCH website, to walk them through the complete content covered in the Bee, which includes: Map Skills for K and 1st grade, The United States for 2nd and 3rd grade, Florida for 4th and 5th grade, and Europe for 6th – 8th grade. Each grade level will participate in a group oral competition where participants will have the chance to answer questions individually while also getting team help. Starting with 2nd and 3rd grade, participants will also go on to a lightning round to honor the top three scorers. The two upper divisions (4th – 5th and 6th – 8th) will also have the chance to demonstrate their knowledge on a written test before going on to the lightning round. Everyone who participates will receive a prize!



Program includes celebration of 9th-12th grades, senior recognition, and a keynote speaker. The program is followed by a catered dinner, music and dancing, trivia, photo booth, and time with friends. $25/student banquet & dance, no cost to attend the program. Date determined in the early Spring.



4th - 12th Graders are invited to choose a book and create a display board. Written book reports are required of the 7th - 12th graders. During this evening event "judges" will conduct a short interview with each student about their book.



Join other CCH Moms for fellowship, activities, and good meals at monthly Moms Night Out. MNOs will be shared in the CCH Newsletter and on the CCH Member Facebook Page. 



Gather with other CCH Families at local parks or for a fun activity in Gainesville and the surrounding areas.

Locations/activities vary each month. Stay tuned to the CCH Newsletter and CCH Member Facebook page for more information.



The PE Activity group will help promote fitness, health and well-being through fitness assessments and exercise as well as organized group sports. At each meeting we will practice exercises and activities to help improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, and body awareness. We will also learn a new group sport/activity including basic play and rules. Most of all, we will have fun together growing in an active lifestyle.


Please note: P.E. Club includes Field Day. Members of P.E. Club do not need to sign up or pay for Field Day. 



Science Fair is designed to inspire young scientists and reinforce the scientific method through research and reporting. 

Grades 1 - 3: are encouraged to create a display highlighting a favorite or interesting topic based on their scientific studies, a short questionnaire will be provided.

Grades 4 - 5: are encouraged to do an experiment of their choosing (limiting subject matter- no animals...) and a summary report (questionnaire provided) outlining the scientific method used to obtain results, etc. 

Grades 6 and up: are encouraged to do an experiment of their choosing (limiting subject matter- no animals...) and a summary report outlining the scientific method used to obtain results, with references, etc. 

Superlatives will be awarded to students in grades 1 - 3. Also, 1st - 3rd place prizes will be awarded to grades 4 and up in groups based on sign up. Goody bags will be awarded to all participants.



Students may participate in the Spelling Bee within one of the following groups:  K5-2nd, 3rd-4th, or 5th-8th grades.  Although the K5 through 4th grade winners do not engage in further competition, this activity is a great opportunity to better prepare these children for future contests.  The winners of the 5th through 8th grade group will be eligible to compete in county, state, and national competitions.

Scripps requires our homeschool group to register as a group.  We use the Scripps study lists, made available in September, for all grades in the CCH Spelling Bee.  Fifth through eighth grades use the online study guides at, made available in September, too.  Word Club app offers 450 free words to study on a mobile device. We always encourage children to practice spelling new or challenging words they come across during school, reading time, and in daily occurrences. 



Kindergarten through 3rd graders prepare by  choosing a book to read, create a display board, and come dressed as one of the characters. On the evening of the event,  "judges" conduct a short interview with each child about their book.



Spanning from January - April 2023, an 8-session exploration of various aspects of human survival and self-sufficiency is for children ages 10 and up. We will discuss practical ways anyone can begin implementing these skills into their lives, with an emphasis on Biblical perspective based out of scripture.

Ages 10 -18