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Interested in Clubs

Passing on a Legacy

My grandmother loved to crochet.  I have more than a dozen afghans around my house as proof.  What I don't have is her knowledge and skill.  Now, after she has been gone for more than 10 years, I wish I could have been able to share her gift with my own daughter.  What a legacy that would have been.  

My daughter is graduated now but if I could have found someone with my grandmother's skill willing to teach her, I would have loved to have given my daughter the chance to learn to crochet.  That is what clubs are all about - introducing those with skills and passions to our children.  Whether it is a life skill like crocheting or a fun skill like hiking, we, as homeschoolers, just want to give our kids the best opportunities we can.

So what are YOU passionate about?  Do you like to read?  Do you enjoy hiking?  What skills have been passed down to you from your parents or grandparents?  Do you know how to crochet?  Do you enjoy woodworking?  or scrapbooking?  Whatever the case, we would love to connect you with other homeschoolers.  Do you have an idea for a club but don't know where to start?  That's where we come in!  Contact Beth Mellott at dagwood5@hotmail.com with your questions or suggestions and we can get the ball rolling.  

Club News:

Our first official club - The LEGO Club - will begin on Nov 7th. Log in to sign up on our calendar.

We have also had interest expressed in a Book Club.  Anyone interested in leading (or co-leading) this please contact Beth Mellott.