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7th – 12th: Portrait 3-Week Drawing Class

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Date – Time

April 14, 2021 – 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM



Additional Information

7th – 12th: Portrait 3-Week Drawing Class

Date: Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021
Time: 2p-3p
Cost: $32.00/student (for the series of 3 classes)
Ages: 7th – 12th
Group Size: min 2 students; max 8 students
Location: ZOOM
Sign up: ONLY students between 7th – 12th. Please pay via PayPal at the time of sign up.  (Sign up once under the Apr 14th date for all 3 classes.)
Contact: Beth Mellott: [email protected]

The goal for this 3-session series is to make a way for the student to be able to pull from a blank sheet of paper, a finished portrait of choice, bringing it to life before their own eyes. Some of the things we will explore will be shaping, the relation of one aspect of the drawing to another aspect within the same drawing in order to create a certain effect/characteristic (ie. the shape of the face, the jawline, etc), how to create hair color and highlights in a black & white drawing, how the shading will affect the appearance of such things as the cheekbones and nose structure, etc. This short series will reveal several “artistic methods” commonly used to create effect in portraits, include an abbreviated sharing on how shading can completely change the physical features (how a simple change may make the portrait into an entirely different person). Also it’ll look at the importance of research on how characteristics can vary in different groups, culture & customs, ethnic dress/headwear, complexion, physical features, etc in order to create a portrait.

In her own art, Cindy Conley, focuses on portraits of both people and animals with her main mediums being charcoal and pencil (graphite). She has won numerous awards for her drawings including first place at the 2-day Christian Concert & Arts Festival called “Purple Door” that used to be held at Ski Roundtop, where she was competing against other artists, in multiple medias, from all over North America (including Canada). She instructs in both private and group setting with homeschoolers and her grandchildren.

For best results, Mrs. Conley recommends sketch paper: “The main thing with the paper is the texture. For shading you want paper that has a ‘bit of a bite to it’ as opposed to ‘smooth’/computer paper.” You may also wish to purchase a pencil drawing kit or get at least an HB, 2B, 4B & 6B pencils as, “a standard pencil will do the drawing but it will not provide the proper rubbing and spreading needed to properly shade.”

NOTE: We need a minimum of 2 students for this class to be held. This will be a ZOOM class to be held in the safety of your own home.