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New and Prospective Members...

Please take a moment to read through the important information below plus our various weblinks, including our Statement of Faith and Honor Code, before sending the application. 

  • Eastside Explorers is a completely volunteer-led homeschool group.  Each member (one per family) must commit to serve in Eastside on a short-term, volunteer basis (ie.  planning a field trip, organizing a special event, hosting a group, etc.).  We feel the contributions by our members are not only fair but a necessity in making Eastside successful.
  • A Family Membership ($55) is good for an entire academic year.  Membership includes:  access to our calendar, forum, entire website, Facebook page, discounted and free field trips, specialized groups (i.e. God's Girls, 4:12 Girls, Teen Events, Mom's Time Out, Prayer Group), Park days, Holiday parties and special events such as Family BBQ, Geography Fair, Talent Showcase and Art Fair.
  • Membership may be made available by majority vote of the Board to applicants who are homeschooling parents (a husband and a wife as exemplified in a traditional Christian marriage: one man with one woman or an unmarried parent) educating their own children, or a legal guardian who is educating children over whom he/she has legal authority. Membership applicants must agree to abide by our Honor Code and support our Statement of Faith, Vision and Purpose. Membership applicants will not be accepted for membership if known to be in a same-sex relationship (whether married or unmarried).
  • Memberships are offered “by family” (one per family) under the presumption that the family is currently educating or planning to educate their children at home. According to A.R.S. §15-802-G-2: "Homeschool" means a non-public school conducted primarily by the parent, guardian or other person who has custody of the child or nonpublic instruction provided in the child's home. Additionally, Eastside Explorers adheres to the definition of homeschooling as outlined by Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) as “parent-led, parent-funded, relationship-based education of a child at home.”
  • For ESA families: While we adhere to the above definition of homeschooling, we also understand that many families are receiving ESA funding for their child(ren). Eastside welcomes ESA families as long as they are the primary teacher at home and not using public school online.
  • While an applicant's personal belief in the tenets of our Statement of Faith is not a prerequisite for membership, applicants will indicate their understanding that we operate under the leadership of a Christian Board of Directors and within the framework of our Statement of Faith. 
  • Eastside does not extend membership to families enrolled in virtual charter schools or public-school-at- home programs. Nor do we grant memberships to families who have an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) contract with the state of Arizona. (Exceptions to this ESA policy may be granted by a majority vote of the Board to families who are educating children with disabilities and making their own curriculum choices and acting as the primary teacher at home.)
  • Any change in family’s status (separation, divorce or death) must be disclosed to the Board as soon as possible. In the case of a divorce in a member family, the parents must decide which parent will proceed as the member parent with the other parent acquiring “guest” status. The remaining member parent will assume responsibility for monitoring the guest parent’s involvement in Eastside activities.
  • Participation in enrichment programs, classes, co-ops (enrichment or educational) and sports programs that do not require parents to rescind their Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool and which do not infringe on the responsibility of teaching math, reading, grammar, science and social studies at home will not preclude a family from membership.
  • Membership is open to homeschooling families who have children with disabilities, however Eastside does not offer programs designed especially for those with disabilities. Eastside will make reasonable accommodations that are not cost-prohibitive in order to include children with disabilities in our activities as deemed appropriate by the parent(s) and with the parent(s)’ supervision.
  • Membership will be denied to any applicant who could reasonably be deemed to pose a safety risk for our members (including but not limited to sex offenders).
  • All persons wishing to become members shall apply for membership as prescribed by the Board of Directors and be approved by a majority vote of the Board at any regular or special meeting. Applicants for membership may be provisionally accepted by the Membership Director between meetings of the Board upon the payment of the fee set by the Board. 
  • If you are looking for a homeschool support group co-op and do not live in or near Scottsdale and northeast Phoenix, you are invited to visit  www.afhe.org (Arizona Families for Home Education) for support groups in your area.
  • Our membership enrollment fee covers our website fees, an insurance policy required by the state of Arizona for all non-profit corporations and additional administrative costs. Nominal fees are charged throughout the year for some events and field trips. You may purchase a copy of our yearbook for an additional fee. Our park days have no additional fees associated with them. We seek only to cover our costs associated with our offerings and research every avenue for keeping the fees as minimal as possible.

If you have any additional questions about membership, you are welcome to contact our Membership and Enfolding Director, Autumn-Rose Titone, at membership@eastsideexplorers.org.

Members enjoy a 14-day grace period during which they will receive a full refund of their membership fee if requested in writing to the President. After 14 days of membership, no refunds will be given for a member- initiated withdrawal. Withdrawing members will be “parked” for the balance of the school year with the opportunity to reactivate their membership for the current school year with Board approval.

Membership fees will be refunded at the half-year level for a Board-initiated removal prior to December 31, after which date no refund will be given. Membership fees will be refunded within 10 days to those applicants whose membership has been denied.