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*  We will seek to honor God and others with our speech, conduct and dress. We will model desirable social behaviors and guide our children in following our model, encouraging one another with loving accountability.

*  We will speak what is kind and true. 

*  We will remain aware of our children's behavior in order to quickly redirect them when necessary and coach them in Biblical character development.  

*  We will provide opportunities that reinforce godly characteristics and will limit play activities that are contrary.  As such, play guns (Nerf or otherwise), swords, or other ‘weapons’ will not be permitted at Eastside events including park days, field trips, parties, outings or other gatherings. 

*  We will put the interests of the group ahead of the interests of our family alone by:

  1. Honoring the volunteers at Eastside-sponsored events by making every effort to arrive on time.
  2. Showing respect for others through modest and appropriate dress.
  3. Teaching our children to raise their hand and wait to be called on in order to speak on guided field trips and at other appropriate venues, to pay close attention to the adult leader and to follow instructions.
  4. Remembering that we are guests of each venue, and will aim to leave them (parks, event venues, field trip locations, members' homes, etc.) in as good or better condition than we found them.
  5. Teaching our children correct principles of respectful behavior towards others in social and educational settings.
  6. Looking for opportunities to serve when attending Eastside events.
  7. Choosing forgiveness when wronged, remembering that we are also, by God’s grace, forgiven.

*  We understand that Eastside will not tolerate bullying or retaliation for alleged bullying at any time and we agree to abide by the following conflict resolution guidelines:

  1. Talk with our children about what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate behavior in their interactions with others at Eastside events;
  2. Discuss with them the importance of coming to you, the parent, immediately if/when harmed or threatened with harm by another member;
  3. Parent and child together take the matter immediately to the parent of the offending member for addressing and resolution based on our Honor Code guidelines, realizing that this is a prime opportunity to teach character development and Biblical conflict resolution skills (parents should be present at Eastside events if their children are present);
  4. Ascertain whether each family involved in the incident believes that restitution has been made and forgiveness given, with the issue completely resolved before leaving the scene;
  5. If the families are unable to resolve the issue completely, notify the Board President immediately and privately;
  6. Be aware of your children’s activities and with whom they are playing at all Eastside events and park days, alert to potentially harmful behavior with a willingness to step in if necessary;
  7. Choose to be a peacemaker and problem-solver among your circle of friends, even when discussing difficult issues.

Neither bullying nor retaliation of any kind will be tolerated at our events or on our website forum. Because of the nature of our group, with different families attending our wide variety of events, we may not encounter the same friends at each offering. Each of us has a responsibility to live peaceably with one another (Romans 12:18) and contribute towards the enjoyment of Eastside events for one another.

Eastside’s Board of Directors may rescind membership and/or participation privileges for any family who violates these guidelines or the Honor Code.