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SNAP Academic Co-op

SNAP Academic Co-op is a full-year, academic, high school-focused co-op that meets on Fridays from 10:00am to 3:00pm. The co-op runs from late August through early May.

SNAP has three class periods which include: 

  1. Academic electives (such as literature, drama, art, PE, and nutrition)
  2. Science classes (utilizing Apologia Young Explorer series and various textbooks for high school classes)
  3. Social Studies classes (geography for elementary and a four-year high school history track)

Families must be members of Generations and have a participating middle or high school student in order to join SNAP. Younger siblings may then enjoy classes in the same subjects at their level. Parents co-lead each hour, sharing the responsibility with other parents for each class.

Specific details on how to join SNAP are available to Generations members. Submitting an application for SNAP is a commitment to join the co-op if the application is accepted. The SNAP directors determine if a family is a good fit for the co-op based on the family’s class preferences, the parent’s ability to co-lead specific classes being offered, the number of children in the family, class ratios, and class sizes. Joining SNAP is a commitment to all three class periods for the entire school year. Applications are processed in May for the following school year. The annual fee for SNAP is currently $50 per family.

For more information on SNAP, contact snapdirectors@gmail.com.