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24-25 New Student Application

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2024-25 Veritas Florida Hybrid Homeschool

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Is student in good standing at his/her current school?

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Has student ever been retained in a grade or failed a subject? If so, please provide details.


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CAMPUS CLASSES: Check all classes you are interested in for your student.

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Humanities (History, Language Arts, etc.) Elective: Math
Scholars Day Elective: Science
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Please list families you know who attend Veritas Florida.

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Please briefly describe the reason(s) why you are applying your student to Veritas Florida.

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Please list your student's current extracurricular activities.

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Please list extracurricular activities into which your student would like to enroll.

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Do both parents live at home?

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Does the student have access to a mentoring adult who has completed college/has college credit?

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Student History: please provide a brief evaluation of the student's prior academic, emotional, and social background. List all academic concerns such as dismissal from any prior school(s), academic or behaviorual disciplinary actions from a school, readmission and/or reenrollment denial from a school, and non-diagnosed and/or formally diagnosed mental, behavioral, or social issues that are present in your student (ex.: disobedience, ADHD, bullying, Asperger's Syndrome, etc.)

NOTE: undisclosed academic, mental, behavioral, or social issues and/or concerns may result in dismissal from the program and Veritas Florida is not equipped to educate students with significant learning issues.

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Please provide a brief narrative about your student's health information, to include allergies.


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What is your family's church?

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Please provide a narrative of the parent's faith journey/testimony.

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Is the student a follower of Jesus Christ?

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Parent Signature: I certify that all the above information is true. I understand that my non-refundable registration fee must accompany this application for it to be processed and my student to be considered for the program. I understand that upon acceptance the financial contract with be remitted to me.