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2018 WCCHE Spelling Bee

This is the information for the annual Scripps Spelling Bee hosted by West County Christian Home Educators.  However, in order to participate and have access to the word study lists, one must have a current membership with WCCHE.  Once your membership is activated, then the study lists can be obtained from the Members’ only side of the website.


WCCHE Spelling Bee - General Information
WCCHE will be holding their Spelling Bee for WCCHE families who have homeschooled children grades K-8. The bee will be conducted as a written test with winners by each grade level. The over-all high scorer will then advance to the St.Louis Post Dispatch regional spelling bee and then optimistically to the Scripps Howard national spelling bee.

How do I get the Study Word List?: On the West County Christian Home Educator’s website are three Study Lists.
· First is the School Study List (8 pages: one page for each grade level)
· Second is the School Study List with all repeated words removed (2 pages)
· Third is the “Spell It” booklet (used as tie-breaker words only)
· Open any or all of these files and print the word lists so you can help your child/children begin studying.

Can a student participate in more than one Scripps Spelling Bee? No, A student is allowed to participate in only one Scripps Spelling Bee per a school year.

· Every Speller will receive a Spelling Bee participation certificate
· Every participant will receive a certificate for 50% off of a year’s subscription of Brittanica. (The regular price is $69.95. You will be able to access it for $34.98)
· Top scorer in each grade level will be awarded with a first place ribbon medal
· Top twp overall scorers will receive:
o One FREE ($69.95) one-year online subscriptions for Encyclopedia Britannica
· Top overall speller will receive a first place Spelling Bee trophy
· Top overall scorer advances to the St. Louis Post Dispatch regional spelling bee

*In the past there was a dilemma that arose regarding the grade in which a child should be entered in the spelling bee. If your child is studying spelling at grade level or if your student is studying spelling above grade level in your homeschool, it is recommended that you enter your child into the grade level that his/her age determines. For example, your child’s age and birthdate determine tha t your child would be enrolled in 2nd grade in a traditional school setting. However, in your homeschool your child is doing 3rd or 4th grade spelling. It is advised, when you sign your child up for the WCCHE Spelling Bee, that you sign him/her up for the 2nd grade spelling group. If you have any questions regarding this, then feel free to ask. It is better to ask before the Spelling Bee rather than after the Bee when all the awards have been given out.

The official study guide is the Webster’s Third New International Dictionary and its addenda section, copyright 2002, Merriam-Webster.
Visit the following website for more information: *Spell It! The Online Study Guide: http://www.myspellit.com

Please address further questions to Darlene Fallon at fallond@att.net